Which ride *should* be removed next?

Discussion in 'Future Discussion' started by BenTechy66, 20th Jun 2017.


Which ride should go?

  1. Nemesis (please no)

  2. GalacticAir

  3. Mine train

  4. Duel

  5. Smiler

  6. Oblivion

  7. Th13teen

  8. Spinball

  9. Hex

  10. Rita

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  1. BenTechy66

    BenTechy66 TowersStreet Member

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    What is the ride that should go next? It could be old, or just not fun.

    Post your thoughts below!
    Posted 20th Jun 2017
  2. Rob

    Rob TS Forum Team Team Member

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    Steel Vengeance
    I know the words 'should' and 'will' do have different definitions however this thread is very similar to the existing Which ride will be removed next? thread.

    So for that reason I am locking this one, please continue discussion in the existing thread.

    Posted 20th Jun 2017
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