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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GaryH, 4th Jul 2013.

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    Forbidden Journey
    We also had this thought when we first walked down that path too! :p

    It's right at the edge of the park though and there's one or two houses right at the bottom of the valley, so as to whether they'd be allowed to build a a traditional GCI or GG coaster, I'm unsure. If not... well, there's always RMC (only their true woodie, no I-Box) or Intamin! ;) Tbh, I really wouldn't care who constructed something out of those four manufacturers, because regardless of the coaster type, that location WOULD make for a superb ride. :)

    I assume they'd have a lift starting in the car park by Air and have the ride brought up as high as it can go in the trees before letting it shoot down the valley. Once it gets closer to the boundary it'd have to turn and sweep to the right to carry on going a little more, start to head up the other side towards Rita and Th13teen and then turn back towards the car park again (the hill that Rita and Th13teen are on is a good few meters taller than the others side, so I don't think it'd make it too far up towards Rita before it'd need to turn back around).

    I've been looking at plans of the park, as well as height data to try and work out what the park would do if they ever attempted such a ride. As much as I liked the original woodie design that had one lift either side of the valley, I can't help but feel like there could be something that has more to it than just two big drops and lots of slow and pointless meandering through trees in between. Trying to recreate the terrain in No Limits isn't too easy though! :p
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    Just to the left of over there!!!
    I gotta admit I have a few places of so called "magic". First place is the Hotel. Its just brilliant having someone to rest your weary head and be 10-15 mins from riding Nemesis etc etc.

    Second is the queue to the monorail. I'd hate it if they scrapped towersstreet as the entrance. The monorail is a good start to the day, and a nice place to sit at the end of the day. The atmosphere inside is always one of sheer excitement.

    Third Gardens. Up to the conservatory have a nice little sit, close your eyes and listen. Nemesis roar comes through followed by the faint sound of the Dark Forrest.

    Fourth. Haunted Hollow. I stumbled over this last time I went and I must say, I loved it. Its abit abandoned but its still well themed and nice cut through for Forbidden valley.
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    The passage between Fountain Square and the green by the lake. I'm not sure why, but this area always reminds me of a wonderful Scarefest trip.

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