Something evil has awoken at Alton Towers, and it's up to you to investigate. Take your seats and hold on tight for this thrilling journey to the heart of The Dark Forest. Just remember; if you do go down to the woods today, you'd better not go alone...

The Thirteen station building

Alton Towers announced the arrival of a new Secret Weapon rollercoaster at the start of 2009. All anyone knew was that the ride would feature a 'world's first' element to it; and despite endless speculation and rumour across the internet it did remain a secret even whilst the ride was being built!

Official planning documents were submitted in March 2009 for the ride that would replace the famous Corkscrew. These documents invited speculation that the surrounding UG Land area and Rita: Queen of Speed ride would be overhauled at the same time. Shortly after the documents were approved, construction walls went up within the area and a large marketing campaign within the park began.

To keep people interested in the project, photos of construction were posted throughout the 2009-10 closed season. These included teaser images that supposedly showed the rides secret element hidden underneath banners that stated that the 'Secret Weapon' was inside!

Despite the teasing, people still didn't know what to expect until the ride's opening day: March 20th 2010. On that day the world was introduced to Th13teen: the world's first vertical freefall drop coaster. The ride's station (themed like a crypt) is located directly where Corkscrew once stood and became the centre of a newly themed area known as The Dark Forest.

Media coverage of the opening was huge; featuring on TV, radio, online and just about anywhere that a press release could be seen! Stories ranged from the true to the bizarre and the ride was frequently dubbed as being the 'ultimate' rollercoaster or 'every ride you've ever dreamed of in one.' Whilst these claims were largely regarded as untrue, Th13teen was a huge success for the park bringing 3 million guests through the gates during 2010.

Attraction Facts

Intamin AG
Family Drop Coaster
20th March 2010
£15 million
Track Length
756 metres
Track Height
20 metres
Ride Length
Max Speed
42 mph
1300 riders per hour
Ride Capacity
20 per train
Ride Cars
3 trains - 5 cars
Persons per Car

Attraction Extras

Fasttrack Available
Souvenir Photo Available

Attraction Restrictions

More information on height restrictions...
Minimum Height
Maximum Height

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