Wobble World

Take a break from the rides or shelter from the rain and bounce around this crazy colourful world, while the grown ups relax with a coffee...

Wobble World

Wobble World

This inflatable kingdom at the heart of Cloud Cuckoo Land was massive hit for the youngest members of the family who have an inflated sense of fun and an abundance of energy to burn.

The attraction was divided into two sections: Big Wobble, a large bouncy castle for children between 0.9m and 1.2m tall, and Little Wobble, a smaller one for those under the 0.9m mark.

Both were large, themed inflatables, supervised by staff members, meaning parents could enjoy a cup of coffee and a cake in the neighbouring café, whilst watching their children from a distance.

Attraction History

Wobble World arrived in the park as part of the Cloud Cuckoo Land development in 2009, which saw the old Cred Street Playground revamped to a large inflatable play park. Whilst the equipment might have been new the building itself has a long history as an indoor play area since it opened in 1993 as part of the Land Of Make Believe, replacing the park's Motor Museum.

Cred Street Playground

The playground started its life as Childrens World, named after (and presumably sponsored by) the 1980s children's department store chain.  It was later adopted by Barney when he moved into the Cred Street Theatre in 2000, which prompted a retheme to Barney's Playground. It subsequently became Tweenies' Playground in 2003, before loosing its sponsorship in 2005, becoming the Cred Street Playground.

Wobble World had an inauspicious introduction and whilst the intention had been for the new play area to open at the start of the 2009 season, a delay in delivery meant that when the season arrived the original play equipment was still in use. A few weeks after its false start however the inflatables arrived and were installed around a month behind schedule.

Wobble World - Closed

The attraction's luck did not much improve from there and throughout its time in the park Wobble World became an easy target for closure during various rounds of cuts, which often saw the attraction operating on reduced hours or closed altogether. It seems however the end was finally nigh when the playground closed before Scarefest in 2015. The attraction did not reopen in 2016 and as part of Alton TLC campaign was apparently due for renovation.

However over the course of the season the building was gutted and eventually transformed into the House of Monsters scaremaze for Scarefest 2016. Wobble World was removed from the park's website in early 2017.

Attraction Stats

10th October 2015


Opened as Childrens World in Land of Make Believe, replacing Motor Museum
1st April 2000
Became Barney's Playgorund in Cred Street
5th April 2003
Became Tweenies Playground in Cred Street
Received significant TLC
March 2006
Became Cred Street Playground in Cred Street
24th April 2009
Became Wobble World in Cloud Cuckoo Land
10th October 2015
Closed after 23 seasons
Wobble World was standing but did not operate
replaced by

Attraction Facts

Also Known As
Childrens World (1993 - 1999)
Barney's Playgorund (2000 - 2002)
Tweenies Playground (2003 - 2005)
Cred Street Playground (2006 - 2008)
10th October 2015