Cloud Cuckoo Land

Open your imagination to a world of colour and magic where strange mythical creatures are abundant, childish dreams are realised on an epic scale, and nothing is quite as it seems...

Cloud Cuckoo Land

You are not imagining it; Cloud Cuckoo Land has now closed for good and will be replaced in 2020 by The World of David Walliams.

The park has not yet announced the line-up for the new area, so it is not currently clear what the future holds for Cloud Cuckoo Land's attractions, though we do know a new attraction is under construction in the old Wobble World building.

Cloud Cuckoo Land 2019

Cloud Cuckoo Land's theme focuses around the wonder of imagination. On the approach to the area, guests are greeted with massive colourful flowers, mushrooms, and a hint of the land's whimsical theme music.

The star attraction of the area is the Cuckoo Cars Driving School, which cuts a quirky course at the foot of the Towers Ruins. At the heart of this colourful street is the Gallopers Carousel, offering traditional fairground fun with a less than traditional horses in a range of psychedelic hues, whilst at the back of the area lies the zany Frog Hopper

Area History

The area behind the Towers which now houses Cloud Cuckoo Land originally held a small funfair, which featured traditional rides such as dodgems and a helter skelter. However, these were removed for the area's first theme - Talbot Street.

Celebrating Victoriana, Talbot Street featured the Doll's House and Space 1999 exhibits, with the later addition of both Wildlife and Motor museums. On top of this came attractions including Around The World in 80 Days, Doom & Sons, and the Fantastic Fountains theatre. These attractions were coupled with numerous eateries, most notably the Talbot Restaurant, which at the time was said to be the largest fast food outlet in Europe.

Later years saw the creation of Adventureland 4-11 and 'Coaster Corner' towards the end of the street, but all of this was removed by the end of the 1992 season, in preparation for the next themed area. The Land Of Make Believe arrived in 1993, introducing the Vintage Cars and replacing Fantastic Fountains with the Magic Show. A year later, Around The World in 80 Days was given a substantial re-theme into Toyland Tours.

However, this theme did not last long, and 1997 saw the introduction of Cred Street. Aside from the name, little had changed save for a new show and the very short-lived Nickelodeon - Outta Control. The years which followed saw the departure of several rides, the addition of the Frog Hopper, Bouncing Bugs. The famous Barney and later The Tweenies shows occupied the theatre.

2006 saw rejuvenation with Toyland Tours becoming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the addition of Peugeot 207 Driving School, and a new show in the form of Bob The Builder. After this season, the park returned to hosting in-house productions in the theatre, and the introduction of characters such as Snorlix preempted the area's current theme, which took over in 2009, bringing with it Twirling Toadstool.

In 2012 the upper area of Cloud Cuckoo Land was given a frosty makeover, to welcome Ice Age to the theatre, which was transformed into a 4D Cinema.

The Alton TLC campaign in 2016 saw wide ranging changes to Cloud Cuckoo Land, with both Wobble World and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory closing. The Driving School was also closed for the season, reopening in 2017 as Cuckoo Cars Driving School. 2017 also saw the Ice Age thaw, as the 4D Cinema closed its doors as Ice Age 4D moved out. Both the Toy Shop and Wobble World Cafe also closed their doors.

Area Facts

28th March 2009
10th November 2019
Area History
Talbot Street (1981-1992)
Land of Make Believe(1993-1996)
Cred Street (1997-2008)
The World of David Walliams (2020 onwards)

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