Cloud Cuckoo Land

Open your imagination to a world of colour and magic where strange creatures are abundant, childish dreams are realised on an epic scale, and nothing is quite as it seems...

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Cloud Cuckoo Land 2019

Cloud Cuckoo Land has had a reprieve for 2020 and will once again welcome guests into a world of imagination filled with colourful characters, larger than life scenery and whimsical music wafting through the air.

The only attraction left in the area is the Cuckoo Cars Driving School, which cuts a quirky course at the foot of the Towers Ruins. The rest of the area has now been transformed into The World of David Walliams, which is now due to open in 2021.

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Area Facilities

Nearest toilets Fountain Square
Nearest cashpoint In X-Sector near The Games Bunker
Nearest smoking area Outside Skyride Station
Nearest info point Board by the Towers Archway

Area History

28th March 2009
Area History
Talbot Street (1981-1992)
Land of Make Believe(1993-1996)
Cred Street (1997-2008)
The World of David Walliams (2021 onwards)

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