Tree Top Quest Development

Enchanted Village
22nd May 2015
Based around the site of the abandoned Nicklin’s Farm near the hotels, the Tree Top Quest allows guests to take to the trees on a high rope adventure. Here we can see the plans for the site and structures.

Plans & Concepts

Alton Towers Resort decided to expand its Resort-side offering in May 2015, following a planning application submitted to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council in November 2014.

“Demolition of existing single storey corrugated building and installation of new high ropes course including the erection of a new single storey building and new play area”

The proposed new High Ropes course is expected to attract 250 – 300 guests per day, with 60 – 80 guests using the course at any one time during the operational hours of 10am – 6pm. There will be a Junior Course aimed at “younger visitors and those less adventurous”, and a second larger course aimed at “adults and those of a higher ability level”. Tickets for the attraction will be available either separately or combined with theme park tickets. The proposed location for the project is a wooded area to the north-west of the current Lodge Development, to the West of car parks J & K.



The project has been described as assisting in developing Alton Towers Resort as a year-round destination, as has been encouraged by the Masterplan. The attraction, although slated to open between 10am – 6pm daily, will only operate during daylight hours, which will see reduced capacity during the winter months.

The project is due to begin construction in February 2015 and completed mid-May 2015, with an opening around the end of May 2015.

The course is expected to be strongly linked to the two existing hotels and the upcoming Lodge Development. The Start Tower, themed to complement the Enchanted Village feel, will remain under tree canopy height at 13m tall, with the courses being enclosed within woodlands. Consideration has been given to ensure the new structures being built respect the woodland character of the area.

Start Tower-page-0R

Along with the High Ropes course, there will be a small play area and also a small single storey building which will house toilet facilities, a cafe with decking area and office facilities. No additional car parking spaces are to be made for the attraction.


Current plans show bridges, platforms and cargo nets joined by zip wires and climbing wires.

Images appear courtesy of JM Adventure Ltd:






A tree survey has been conducted in preparation for the attraction, and of 315 trees assessed, 11 will be removed which have been classed as ‘low or poor quality’ and are likely to have been removed in future. Safety measures regarding the woodlands and the attraction include more frequent inspections of trees within falling distance and closure of the feature during strong winds and inspections to take place before re-opening.

An existing building within the proposed area of the attraction, known as Nicklin’s Farm, will be stabilised and made watertight for possible renovation in the future, and a stonewall within the area will be repaired as part of the project. A corrugated-clad building in the area will be demolished, as it is in a state of disrepair and not in keeping with the woodland character and landscape.

No noise impact is expected from the new attraction.