Vertigo Development

The Towers

Plans & Concepts

In 2006 the park intended to add a zipline attraction to the park, which would take guests from the roof of The Towers down onto the front lawn near the Skyride station. At the time this would have made it the UK's longest zipline

Vertigo would would have more than likely been a 'pay per play' type attraction and was only intended to be a temporary addition to the park, as indicated by the planning permission that was only sought until 2008. As such all the infrastructure involved would have been temporary scaffolding style structures which ultimately could be added and removed from the ruins without any damage.

Whilst Vertigo did manage to make it onto the first version of the 2006 map, ultimately the idea was shelved and the application withdrawn before it went to the planning committee.

Free To Speed

Whilst the park opted not to install Vertigo, in 2005 we got a glimpse as to what the attraction would have been like during the Playstation 2 Freedom Weekender. During the event a series of additional attractions were added to the park's line up, including concerts, gaming station and sideshows like inflatable sumo.

One of the attractions was a zipline called Free to Speed, which was identical to the design intended for Vertigo. The temporary attraction was installed for a long weekend at the start of September and acted as a proof of concept for the attraction. As such images and information from the Freedom Weekender were used as evidence in the planning documentation for Vertigo.