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Rita reported to suffer launch cable snap

Tuesday 24 July 2012 6:45
Updated 4th July 2013

Both members of our discussion forum and park news site ‘Tpblog’ have reported that Rita, the Intamin accelerator coaster, has suffered a cable failure on the cable that is used to launch the ride.

It is reported that the ride was supposedly in operation at the time, however, no guests were thankfully harmed at the time of the incident.

A photo on the Tpblog Facebook wall clearly shows two members of staff guarding the snapped cable which dangled into a pathway beneath the ride.

Alton Towers have yet to officially comment on the status of the ride, although it is expected that the ride will be down for a short period to carry out a cable replacement and required safety testing.

It is not the first cable snap on the Intamin accelerator coaster, with a ride at Thorpe Park suffering a similar fate, and even more high profile incidents such as the Knotts Berry Farm coaster cable snap causing injury to guests.

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