JoJo & Gran Gran at Home

JoJo & Gran Gran at Home

In 2022, a little slice of St Lucia will be arriving in the park as the indoor playground in CBeebies Land is transformed into JoJo & Gran Gran at Home.

Jojo & Gran Gran at Home Concept Art

Attraction History

Charlie and Lola - with windows blacked out in 2021

JoJo & Gran Gran at Home will be taking over the building that was formerly Charlie and Lola’s Moonsquirters and Green Drops. The inddor playground never reopened after it closed due to pandemic restrictions in 2020 and remained shuttered whilst all the other affected attractions gradually reopened as restrictions were eased.

Part way through 2021 its windows were blacked out, so guests could no longer see inside, and by the start of Christmas, much of the theming on the attraction’s facade had been removed, along with the queueline and entrance canopy.

On 20th December 2021, the park announced more details about their plans for the CBeebies Land, including the addition of JoJo & Gran Gran at Home, with concept art following early in 2022.

Attraction Stats

19th March 2022


19th March 2022
Opened in CBeebies Land

Attraction Extras

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Attraction Facts

Indoor Playground
19th March 2022

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