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2017: General Discussion

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Ever wondered why you feel weirdly energised after a tummy churning rollercoaster ride or watching a scary film?

According to a new study* the effects we feel are the result of 'good thrills' which help us feel a prolonged sense of happiness.

The research, commissioned by Alton Towers Resort, shows 65 per cent of Brits enjoy the thrill of a man-made adrenaline rush, and 1 in 3 Brits say they would feel happier for longer after riding a rollercoaster than going shopping(Bert's Side Note: Shopping = Boring, What idiot would prefer shopping to visiting a theme park).


Forget Christmas - true happiness comes at the end of a rollercoaster ride (Image: Alton Towers)
Commenting on the study, renowned psychologist Donna Dawson, who specialises in personality and behaviour, said: “In more primitive times, adrenaline is what fuelled the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome, where we either faced up to the enemy or ran away from them, whichever was better for survival. Nowadays we can enjoy a thrilling experience and feel the same surge of adrenaline but in measured circumstances, making the sense of euphoria last, long after it is over.”

How to find Alton Towers deals and cheap tickets: including how to bag cheap overnight stays and meal deals
So there's good news for thrill-seekers in the pursuit of happiness - the theme park is set to open a new attraction for spring 2018 that is mysteriously codenamed SW8 (Secret Weapon 8).

SW8 will join the line-up of high-octane rides that include Oblivion, the world’s first vertical drop rollercoaster, and Nemesis, Europe’s first inverted rollercoaster.

James Walker, Marketing Director for Alton Towers Resort who commissioned the study, commented: “This research supports our instinct that most people get a sense of prolonged happiness and accomplishment after doing something we find scary. With the launch of a brand-new thrilling experience at Alton Towers Resort in 2018, we’ll make sure there is plenty more ‘good thrill’ on the horizon.”
From The Mirror (Be careful), No mention of the incident!

Just another one of Merlin's PR stunts.
If it is a merlin PR stunt, it is a damn sight better than some. (Thirteen anyone)

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Does anyone know what rides and attractions are open over NYE events? It says selected family.... cant see anywhere where it says what!
Does anyone know what rides and attractions are open over NYE events? It says selected family.... cant see anywhere where it says what!

I would imagine it is the same as what's open during the rest of the winter event; CBeebies, Mutiny Bay and Spinball.

Anyway, whether we do or not, my decision is made not to go. I dont know if anyone from Towers reads or even reacts to the comments made on TripAdvisor (apart from the constant cut and paste replies) but recent reviews of the hotel, from people doing the santa sleepover and companies having work nights out are dreadful. Bad food and poor service is mentioned in nearly every review, including a constant theme emerging of staff not being bothered.

Its really sad to see this place going down the drain like this. Its no wonder Splash is closed to save money when people wont bother to book there again based on its bad reputation.

Dare I say it but its a pity they dont let a hotel chain take over the running of the hotels so they can pump a bit of money into them and bring them back up to speed. I'll be looking to spend my hard earned cash somewhere else for NYE.
No, that's the accompanying IP

I have to wonder, are they deliberately giving poor service at ATH to (in their deceased minds) get people to stay in cbeebeis hotel instead next time...they are 100% out of touch enough to try that!
Are Alton Towers annual passes still available as they seem to have been removed from the website and whilst they are still listed on the accesso store, their page has been removed?
I expect the prices are about to be 'amended' to match the very-special-not-at-all-annual discounted merlin passes which are due in days.
I have just discovered that there is a fake Alton Towers channel on YouTube. Not sure whether Alton knows about this or not. I presumed it was fake as it only has 2,800 subscribers and has uploaded a POV of Hulk at IOA. And Alton Towers is not exactly known for promoting other parks. Here's a link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwi8-FaiI5pBy3oJ0RtpbGA/feed
P.S. Sorry if this is off-topic.
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