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2019: Europa-Park General Discussion

Things Alton Towers does wrong:

* no investment in theming
* short operating hours
* no events outside of Halloween
* closing of rides and restaurants with no replacement
* zero entertainment outside of Cbeebees Land on park
* no additions to waterpark since opening
* upcharge on dungeons
* sheds

Things Europa-Park does wrong:

* adds a porch to Hotel Colosseo
From this wider angle including the conservatory, I think the porch doesn`t look that much out of place :)

Europa-Park have put up the price of car parking in 2019 from €6 to €7. Reserved parking will be €20.

Also, the 2019 park map has been revealed:



Hopefully a better quality version will be available soon.
Would I be right in saying the new VR experience for Eurosat will be unrelated to Valerian?
That also shows what’s ever is new for 2020 will be shown in the Mack Bank, and I like the little surprise present for what’s in the basement!
That also shows what’s ever is new for 2020 will be shown in the Mack Bank, and I like the little surprise present for what’s in the basement!
I take it this is the Piraten replacement as it's not on the map?
Perhaps they’re just advertising it as new because it’s new-ish. Or maybe, like the Monaco exhibition, it has one tiny and indistinguishable change made and they label it as new?
Looks like BREXIT is going to have an impact at Europa-Park after all...!

Due to the current situation, we have finally decided that the subject area England will leave the Europa-Park at the start of the season. #BREXIT The attractions are integrated elsewhere in the park.

It's out!

So in a year Alton Towers got some sheds and an up-charge attraction, the Mack family are only giving us:

* A trackless dark ride
* A renovated area
* A new hotel
* New shows
* A water park
* Loads of events
* ...and more

It really is just the most ridiculous theme park, and I mean that in the best way possible.
Who on Earth took a look at Jim Button and thought to themselves:

"Y'know what? This ride needs even more theming and animatronics. Utterly bonkers!

Annoyed the video does not update us on the amount of bed linen changed once Kronosar opens however...
EP's Online Store has been updated to show some nifty double sided cushions, including a quite nice Can Can Coaster one. The Ed/Edda His/Hers one is quite nice too.

The online store has been getting smaller and smaller over the last few years, so it's nice to see new items added that aren't just Rulantica-themed.