2020: Piraten in Batavia

Discussion in 'EuropaStreet Discussion' started by AstroDan, 29th Sep 2019.

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    That's a bit dramatic, but you certainly did have to plan around the show times when you wanted to eat there, so no daytime shows is definitely good news.
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    Posted 9th Jan 2020
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    I’m of a differing opinion. I rather enjoyed the show, as it was a rather unique setting (both on ride and from the restaurant) and a good addition to the mix of EP shows. From all that information, the loss of the show is probably the big surprise.

    It also feels like we’re now down an acrobatic show at EP. Last summer’s lineup saw a bit of a re-jig, but we:

    - lost the Bamboe Baii show
    - lost the variety show in Italy in lieu of Rulantica
    - the less said about the outdoor show in Italy, the better
    - the jousting show didn’t feature any jousting
    - Paddington was not great

    I’d like to see another acrobatic/variety show return somewhere this year - it’s clearly not going to be in Bamboe Baii.

    A couple more things I gleaned from the fan event was that:

    - the burning city scene won’t return (for obvious reasons), but will potentially be replaced by a fight scene.

    - some of the scenes will be separated by gates/doors.

    - the transit system will be similar to the old model, but will use drive wheels rather than chains to ensure smoother transitions into sections like the drop.

    - the boats aren’t planned to gave lap bats, but this needs TUV approval.

    - whilst a lot if the origin scenes and characters will return, the characters introduced via the teasers such as van Robbemond, Cortez and the fire tiger will also firm a large part of the narrative.

    - the new building has also incorporated new maintenance areas for the train and monorail, enabling much more efficient maintenance on the vehicles.
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    I also noticed on EPFans that a spinkler system has been installed in the building, surprise surprise!
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    This is particularly interesting. Because the old chain system used to have somewhat of a design flaw. Alot of parks with the same ride system had issues specifically with this. Drayton Manor being one of them. Which has / had exactly the same ride system. Beweldere also had the same issues on their Mack freeflow boat ride.

    Issues relating to the boats struggling to actually engage with the chain.
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