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Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 2023 Discussion

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XL = Extra Large, also of course a reference to its sister coaster Magnum XL-200

XL = 40 in Roman numerals (240 feet would keep the height record)

Probably just the park and social media account having a bit of closed season fun, and posting what is a fantastic photo.
This came today! :)

Ten quid and a packet of quavers with there current financial situation. They need anything they can get.

It does strike me as desperation. No doubt peddled as “Here is your chance to own a unique piece of the park’s history” when what they actually mean is “Please come and take these giant lumps of metal from us, we can’t be arsed to dispose of them ourselves and are desperate for money”

Before a certain grey haired old codger wades in, I realise this comment is rich coming from someone who used to buy a few ride parts. Don’t have the space or money for this stuff though!

Edit: and it took him a whole 10 seconds to Like it
I wouldn't mind the odd ride part or two, but it is evident the park are clearly trying to squeeze every penny they can from old junk. The manual levers from the woodies were bad enough, but a single step from an evac catwalk?

When will I be able to buy one of the bolt covers for Icon's footers that aren't attached? Or part of the shrubbery from the Puzzle Maze? What are the chances I can swap the lights in my living room with the ones from Rev's Station? Can I get a used chip fryer from the chippy opposite Dipper's entrance? How about one of the condom machines from the toilets in the car park?
This topic has been locked. No further replies can be posted.