Bullying on Towers Street


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I think this forum is excellent. The staff are open, easy to chat to, and clearly put huge amounts of time and effort in to running a successful website during a time where social media dominates mediums of discussion. Many of us run our own online communities and we look up to this one in particular to improve on as it's a great place.
There's heated discussion, for sure, as sometimes I have been involved in it. It's to be expected because it's something we're all passionate about. There's no bad blood though, and I don't dislike anyone I've spoken to. The issue isn't here as much, it's way more of an issue on social media (which is even more of an attention seeking hellhole than it was at any other point). I don't use twitter much because of all the arguing and politics, but I did briefly (anonymously) witness what the 'theme park community' on twitter were like. And that involved a lot of bullying. Shaming middle aged enthusiasts for being "too old" for theme parks, slut shaming female enthusiasts, ganging up on specific people for being creeps (whether they were or not, I'm not sure, but the way it was being carried out was not nice). Put this in to perspective as you'll realize this forum is a world away from the cesspit that is social media.
"Nobody here is here because they 100% gel with the rest of the world out there; they have a niche interest that they don't share with terribly many people compared to most other hobbies"
Perhaps that is the case for you, but many people are here for different reasons. Theme parks may well be a niche interest, although many of us have other hobbies, sports and lifestyles, but find that this is the only place where we can discuss this specific interest in depth with like minded people. It doesn't mean we don't gel with the rest of the world. If you feel that way, I'd say that's a problem that you need to sort out and get help for.