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Energylandia (Poland): New Coasters

A couple of track shots from the park:



Energylandia have shared this overview photo:


Progress really has been rapid since the start of the year. It appears that the track for Abyssus is nearly complete and foundations/structures for other attractions and buildings in the area are now cropping up.
The scale of that park truly is mind boggling. It's huge!!!!

Definitely seems as the mine train coaster is going on that piece of land between the main park and the new area. Exciting times for Poland. If they can just spruce up the rest of the park with some good theming and audio etc they are on to a winner.
From Energylandia Facebook, Looks as if they are also going back through their older attractions and adding more, Higher lever Theming, which is making me even more exited for my trip! This park is 100% now heading in the right direction.
Keep in mind that Abyssus is pretty much built track-wise now.
They have the red mine train track on site ready to be built next.

Well, now Vekoma have thrown this curveball in on Instagram.

Could this be the track for the tilt coaster?
This is some form of junior coaster which is presumed to also be joining the line up of the new Aqualantis area. It has previously been unannounced, but is due to open early this year.

The tilt coaster is still a couple of years away.
God I hope they get this area open for the end of April! I really can’t see the Mine Train being Complete but surely that means that the Whole area would not be either. But they possibly may just open Abyssus on its own, who knows as they are being very cagey about opening dates online.
The mine train has nothing to do with Aqualantis and is a separate entity. It was never intended to be open until later this year either.
Good to see the park investing in more decent hardware.

Hopefully one day soon they can buy a soul.
Apparently, they have also been improving the thematic experience in sections of the park this off-season too, so I think they are looking into improving the finer details as well as the big coasters!
Was hoping for no vests since the new STC at Tripsdrill doesn't seem to have them. They look good though.
Thankfully they're flex vests and not the awful tightening ones on the older new gen B&M trains.
This makes me slightly less excited for the ride. I’m sure it will still be great, but I envisioned flying around the circuit with but a lapbar.