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    In theory Q-Bot should be fairer as the most common version simply lets you queue without queuing (eg. if the main queue is 30 minutes you wait 30 then head to the exit). In practice though you end up with all sorts of issues with too many Q-Bots turning up at once, the more expensive options letting you come and go as you please or some type of error with the system itself. Overall I'd say Q-Bot isn't really that much fairer... although one big advantage is that you can't sell Q-Bot at a rides entrance by lying about the waiting time like you can with fastrack :mad:
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    So does the estimated queuing time take into account the pending Q-Bot riders? If not then it makes it just as frustrating as the standard fastrackers.

    I wish I had something witty to say here.....
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    In my experience, Q-Bots seem to be a good way of working fastrack systems, and don't affect the main queue as its just a slow steady stream. I have used them at US parks, I think the key is that they are priced well so that not as many people use them! I've never seen a fastrack 'queue' when I have used a Q-Bot.

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