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    So many special memories of that place.

    My Dad managed to drive us all the way to the car parks TWICE when we were kids before we realised we were going to Alton Towers. Back then, I couldn’t believe I was really there how exciting it was!

    Sitting in the big cars in Cred Street McDonald’s and remembering the smell of Alton Towers McDonald’s somehow being different from normal ones. (And the smell of gingerbread in Vintage Cars, talking of Cred Street smells!)

    Sitting next to the Flume one half-term, feeding the ducks. I remember thinking what a beautiful and special thing it was to be there when it was so quiet.

    Watching my Mum go on Oblivion on her own not long after it opened (I was only tiny!) and thinking she was the bravest woman in the world!

    And being so proud of my Dad who worked there when I was little. He used to work nights and would come home and tell me stories: how he’d watched all the zombies outside Duel filming the pre-show video, how there was going to be a new ride called Pinball Wizard (I’ll let him off), and most of all, all of the ghost stories! I entirely blame him for my fixation with the place and no matter what happens, it is always going to be a huge part of my life and my safe place when other parts of my life were unhappy growing up. I’m sure I’m not the only one.
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    Posted 5th Mar 2020
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    Your definetely not the only one there! That’s an awesome way to grow up!

    Alton Towers is truly a special place, just driving down that drive you enter a whole new world!

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    Posted 5th Mar 2020

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