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Fireworks 2014

My goodness the penny has just dropped. Tell you what, lets play ITHOTMK at the end of the pirate show. Lets play it at the end of The Sanctuary and ToTT. Lets put it on the exit of Ice Age, Hex, Sub Terra, CATCF, and every CBeebies show.

Maybe the hotel singers can just hum along to it at the end of their set too!

'Cos ITHOTMK is da bestest finale of everything eva!!!!11!!1! :D:p
As much as ITHOTMK is 'iconic', PeteB makes a valid point. For a show about dreams, a show about wizards, a show about Oblivion (etc) it just doesn't make sense as an end tune.

ITHOTMK will have been already heard by guests on the monorail, the skyride, Towers Street, in restaurants, in shops... the 'iconic' tune is already embedded in the guests mind. A show doesn't really need that shoved on at the end. A guest doesn't need a reminder of that. They almost certainly don't need a 25 minute show that acts as a marketing piece too.

I can see the idea they go with by having it played at the end. But really it's not necessary.
Given that people were starting to hog all the good places by 5pm, and the field was more like a mud pit, I would have happily gone into the VIP area so I could spend more time enjoying the rides and not having to stand for 2 hours to get a spot at the front.

I don't get this, I didn't get into position till 6:45 and still got in a perfectly acceptable spot near the aforementioned Dean's Rock. Why you would pay a large sum of money to sit, in my view, too close to the fireworks (the whole show, and indeed any firework show is best viewed from further back) is anybody's guess. People that reserve spots 2 hours in advance make me laugh.
I think it's a great way to end! Think of TV shows, they finish with their theme, James Bond - oh I know, let's not start it with that theme.

It's a show, it's a punctuation, it's a theme, it is and has been Alton Towers for decades and how many times in a year, even more, do people hear that wonderful piece of music to fireworks? Even if it's done just to finish, almost after the show itself, I cannot imagine Towers without it!

This is the pinnacle show, it stays! NAYSAYERS BE QUIET! :D


By the way, closed season may be mare-ish in terms of no rides, but this forum is hilarious and it's only a couple of days in and the DTs are already showing themselves hahaha!!

Admittedly ITHOTMK didn't really fit at the end this year as it sort of just 'appeared' unlike last year when the narrative brought it in.

However, it's Alton Towers. It's the biggest show of the year. The one time of year the place can exude magic. It needs ITHOTMK. End of. :p
ITHOTMK should fit in where it fits. In the original story some guy enters the mountain king's (loosely translated) hall to great uproar from the trolls and goblins gathered there.

Based on that, and what I've heard of the story this year, I would have thought it fitted more into the middle where nightmares enter the dream world? Then it's still part of the show, but makes a bit more sense thematically!

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Yes, but its the parks theme tune. Its their signature and signals the end of the show. It also has a very fast and busy ending, which is perfect for the end of any show. I think they could have done something more creative to introduce ITHOTMK, but I think having it at the end works well.
It's purely personal opinion really.

So many Brands use a theme, James Bond is a perfect example as already mentioned. I can see why they use it and it wasn't such a long time ago (few years) where we where moaning that the park had dropped ITHOTMK.

It makes a good finale and fits in to pretty much anything, I personally think a change is as good as a rest and you can sneak it in under various guises elsewhere, but it doesn't seem like a silly idea to use it as the finale.
I don't care if it fits in with the story or not, the fireworks have to end with ITHOTMK. It is a perfect song for a finale and still holds a tiny bit of magic. Not ending on it would be criminal.

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*Places self in the controversial I don't care about a ITHOTMK finale camp*. I love a display that can surprise, and as time goes on knowing what's going to finish the display gets a bit samey. I wouldn't mind it being incorporated elsewhere, or even a different version with a new take on it. But, this year's transition into it just seemed a bit shoehorned in. Don't get me wrong, it's an iconic piece of music, but I'd like to see it either used in a different way or ditched for next year. There's a shedload of euphoric, emotion inducing tracks that could be used for a finale, which would likely have far more of an impact too.
I would welcome the use of a different version of ITHOTMK, that could work well.

I personally am with a number of people on a number of ideas. I totally agree with PeteB about both last year and this year feeling like a 'arent we brilliant, look we make you have memories'... or something like that. I would way prefer a story, or to theme the fireworks about that years attraction. This year a whole fireworks display themed around postman pat.. ohh one min no that would be dreadful.

My thoughts.
1) More story
2) Less smugness
3) Keep ITHOTMK but it MUST be worked into the story.
4) The VIP area uses too much space on the lawns. less space = less people = less money - are you idiots?
4) The VIP area uses too much space on the lawns. less space = less people = less money - are you idiots?

Actually, no it doesnt equal less money because the people are already in the park for the day, and judging by the amount of people watching the fireworks, a lot of people bought tickets. Plus, those who are watching the fireworks from the VIP area have paid a lot more than those stood on the lawns - so if anything, Alton are making more money, not less.