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@AltonTowers I appreciate its busy but 1hr 20mins just to place an order?! and a further 15 for the food in a fast food place is a joke!!

Just one of the many similar complaints. And as someone had said it wasn't a busy day. Lord help us when it is. There will be queues from CCL to Towers Street for food.
And AT with read this as 'we want you to introduce fastrack for food outlets'


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Looks like I will be taking my big cooler box on Monday then...
Was looking forward to a hot lunch.
Just a quick heads up to give you an idea in the Burger kitchen all tills seemed to be staffed and there were queues from each till to outside the doors at about 12.30 and they weren't moving at all! Hence why we went to Fried chicken and waited about half an hour!
Having no real food outlets in Dark Forest is silly. Usually have a hot dog there and the missus has a jacket potato, now the nearest one of either of those is Eastern Express jacket potatoes and the hot dog place attached to the courtyard both in Mutiny Bay. Noticed the queue for Woodcutters was out the door every time we went past and Burger Kitchen queues were ridiculous in CCL. Fried Chicken company always seemed to have the zig zag queue full with it sometimes out of the door. It wasn't a really busy day, probably average for years gone by. God help when summer hits and the queues are over an hour each for the rides with not enough food places to cope.


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It wasn't open yesterday and I don't think it has been in awhile at AT . Not too sure why when there's a noodle place at Thorpe


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Is it possible they were expecting attendance to be lower? If big queues continue, I can see them pulling the dust sheets off some of the smaller outlets, especially those in Dark Forest before the summer.


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I understand the Twiter complaints, we went to to BK in cloud cuckoo land yesterday as just wanted to grab a quick bite to eat somehere with indoor seating and it was the closest place. Even for early lunch they were struggling we got there at 12.10 and it took over 40mins to reach the front of the queue and get our food. In hindsight should have just given up and gone elsewhere!


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Pizza pasta buffet seemed pretty rammed as well, queuing way out the door. Went to corner coffee to get a snack and even that was busy, hardly anywhere to sit


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The only place that seemed to be serving efficiently and didn't have a massive queue was Eastern Express.

Coincidence that this outlet is not run by Merlin?


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Seems the right hand doesn't know what the left hand's doing again.

Right hand paints stuff nicely, left hand closes rides, removes others, closes tons of F&B outlets, shoves everyone in a cattlepen for entry....


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Was Spinball Noodles open?
Hasn't been open for four years. Don't know why, thought it was good when I ate there a few years ago.

Most of the better outlets were packed or closed today. Ate at ccl bk, coke was seriously watered down, but didn't feel like waiting for anything else.


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If you want a snack, your best bet is to get a bag of chocolate from one of the shops!


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I just find it crazy they have closed so many outlets, including all the ones in Dark Forest. Food and drink is something they make huge profits on given the markup, and keeping a few hot dogs warm surely doesnt cost much to run the window. Doesnt make sense why close them all, particularly Courtyard BBQ which is always packed.


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I dont think anyone running towers has ever played Theme Park World, plenty of sad faces hanging above all the guests heads

Towers, I will include the Instruction Book for you , please read and follow it o_O


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By usual standards Towers was fairly quiet on Saturday; I'd say it was a usual opening day crowd. However have so many F&B closures meant that there were massive queues for the outlets that were open. Both Pizza Pasta and Woodcutters had queues well out of the door, the types of queues you normally associate with very busy days. The Burger Kitchen in Mutiny Bay also seemed to have a very long queue for such a day.

Heaven forbid that Towers get any busy days this year, getting food will be a nightmare. Rollercoaster Restaurant (opening May) and Towers Street Bar & Grill (opening for the summer) will help the situation but it is still going to be bad.