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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rob, 24th Mar 2016.

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    The ones under the lift hill, primarily.
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    Just so this is straight in my head because I'm struggling to imagine it. The primary way of emergency evacuating Air is on the brake run from the prone position, so how is this done? Do they remove the leg restraints first before slowly releasing the main restraint so that you land on your feet? I know you're pretty close to the ground on the brake run, I'm just wondering how the physicality of removing people from face down works?

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    Pretty much. They have a platform they can bring out and put under the craft. First step, release the flaps and then you can put your feet onto the platform to support yourself. Then they can hold and release the harness carefully. This is done one seat at a time.
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    I'm sure I've seen them manually lowering the seats into the loading position (one row at a time) on the brake run - that seems a much better method than trying to evac from the prone position?
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    Just to wrap everything up in one post, there are basically two ways of evacing.

    The easy way is to put the steps under a row and release the leg flaps. You then ask the guest to place their feet on the step and put their weight on them as if standing. Once they are happy with that you then release the OTSR. There’s a few parts to the restraints. There’s a switch on the base of the leg flaps which releases the rubber vest tensioners (shown with a yellow arrow on the image 1. Note there’s also another on the back of each row, but when the craft is prone you can’t access this, hence the second one (bless you B&M for thinking things through properly!)) and you then use the release key to undo the actual lock in the lap block of the harness. I believe there’s also a step to pull back the failsafe bolt (the one at the end of the arm rest which mechanically pops out as the craft tilts into the prone position) but I can’t remember exactly how that happens... I think you insert something between the armrest and OTSR to hold it back as the restraint comes up. The host will open the OTSR (well, fold it down!) and the guest effectively walks out of the seat stooped over. When you’re down the step you then stand upright and make sure not to whack your head off the craft! It sounds confusing and not like it should work, but it makes sense if you see it in practice.

    Alternatively there’s hard way. Above each row of seats is a slot on the rear face of the chassis cover (circled in red on image 1). This connects to the holding pins which keeps the row held in the prone position (these are the things that make the screeching sound when the craft first goes prone or is about to come back down. They grind a bit as they go in and out). A host will insert the winder into here and twist it, which manually turns the mechanism and retracts the pin. Once the pins are wound in the row will drop down. Although there are gas struts on each row, they can still come down with some force, so need a bit of support from other hosts to prevent them from slamming down and giving everyone on the row whiplash! You also may need a bit of upwards force on the row so the pins can be wound back a little easier, as they’ve got the weight of the row and guests pulling down on them. When in a station the T bar braces the weight and controls the decent. Once the seats are down you release the OTSRs as normal and the guests climb out just like they would if you were evacing Nemesis for example.

    Image 1

    As you can imagine, the second way is very time consuming and hard on the ride team. It’s easier just to pull the steps out and release from the prone position wherever possible (naturally there may be cases where this isn’t possible, such as if a guest is unable to “walk out” of the seat). Because it’s far less staff intensive you can rattle through the seats fairly quickly, and also be doing multiple rows at once. You also don’t have to worry about trying to reset the craft into the prone position or manually raising the T bar so the craft can return to the station once the problem is cleared.

    For a lift evac it will be the same process, but as others have said, you’ll drive the evac platform up to the row to provide a floor for guests to stand on. You can see the platform parked at the top of the lift pit when you’re on the ride (shown with a red arrow in image 2). It has folding railings that are down when not needed, and is powered by an onboard engine so it can run without a power supply. It straddles the width of the lift and drives from a gear on the motor that drives over a row of teeth on the side of the stairs. Lift evacs are more complex thanks to the height and incline, so it’s always preferable to drive the craft off the lift and get it to the brake run for a ground evac if you can.

    Image 2
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    I loved the orignal air theme music. I've got great memories of 2002/3 sorta time, I'd got my first Tussauds annual pass, queuing up over the hill in the summer sunshine with the air music in the background and the Heroes characters practising assuming the position in their cult on the monitors overheard. Not so great was the fact the entire queue cheered when they finally managed to get the weight balance on a train right and at last despatched!
    But I found the original Air theme nicely relaxing, sure they could have done with finishing the tunnel and lift hill, but the overall feel wasn't bad.

    But with Galactica, the enclosed station doesn't make any sense now they aren't playing the video any longer inside. It never seemed to make sense to have the whole bridge enclosed to me, just made it feel small and then tatty as it fell apart. At least the enclosed stations made sense as there were videos.
    But the VR worked for what, two seasons? All we have really now is a portal feature. The rest no longer makes sense.
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    Close ;) the switch under the leg flaps is only used to release the flaps, not the vests. Hosts use it in station to put peoples legs in if they didn't hold them back when the flaps closed the first time. The switch on the back of each seat is the only way of opening the vests manually. When in prone the hosts use a long ruler to poke it through the gap.
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    Hopefully it's nothing serious, but Galactica has had loads of downtime today.

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