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How Busy?

Do they tend to stay busy the whole day? Both of them don't seem to have very good capacity.
Wicker Man tends to be slightly quieter around lunchtime, as the crowds are spread around the park by then, but usually Smiler is busy for most of the day I think.
Noticed how busy it’s been this week and particularly today. We were thinking of going up on Monday which I know is half term, but is it half term everywhere?

Any one been up on the Monday, any idea how busy? And are gold fast tracks digital or wristband?
I think some places might have half term the week after, in the week commencing 31st October; for instance, I know that Wales does.

I’m not sure about anywhere in England, though.
This week is half term for most of the North, such as Yorkshire and Staffordshire.
People visit Alton Towers from all over the country, though, and not everywhere has half term next week. As I said, I know that Wales has half term between the dates of 31st October-4th November, and Towers is somewhat near to some parts of Wales.
You're best to look at what the queues are like today, as that will give you a good indication of what it will be like tomorrow. It's half term, so busy I expect.
Will do. Cheers for the info.

Edit: Blimey, almost everything is over 100 minutes. Funk n Fly is on a 50 minute wait, Nemesis and Smiler is shut! This is horrific!