Incident on The Smiler 02/06/2015

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You do need to know some of the error codes as a op so you can roughly explain to control what is wrong with it and I'm pretty sure a few of the rides have a book with the error codes in and what they mean.
Yeah you contract control via whichever comms device your ride has, they used to ask what the issue was and whether the ride is "down" so that they can update the info boards at the same time as contacting the tech teams - its good to know as much detail as possible without guessing so that the right team is informed (mechanical/electrical) though this may differ from ride to ride, and may have changed since I was there.


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Only worth it really if you enjoy X Factor style sob story VTs, or if you like to see tattoo designs.

I found it a bit of a whole facepalm and cringe moment tbh.

Her tattoo and other people's tattoo designs were pretty interesting though (and I'm not a fan of them).


Totally agree...

And not taking away or downplaying but I really don't like the term "Alton Towers Survivor"

Alton Towers isn't or wasn't a disaster. There was an accident/incident there.


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Might get some ink of my own... "Nasy horsefly bite survivor".

Seriously, it itched like crazy and my whole arm was red and swolen.
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