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Layout Geek League, 2015-16

A-HA! After sytematically trawling through every park in the eastern US on Google Earth...

Carolina Goldrusher at Carowinds! :D (If that's not right then I give up).
Woohoo, a full three points! :D

Luckilly, I've had this one waiting to go for a couple of rounds now. I'd like to think it's a tricky one... but no doubt one of you lot will get it instantly.


(Please ignore the two random dots in the top right corner. No idea how they got there and they have nothing to do with anything)
I'm struggling!

looked through every custom Mack powered and every custom Zamperla powered coaster with no success :(

Happy for a clue if others are also stuck.
OK, this is clearly a lot more evil than I thought, so a clue is needed. I'll even make it a "two clues in one" special for ya. ;)

Clue one: This is made by a well known German company and is located in central Europe.
It's incredibly hard to tell thanks to a load of pesky tree's and I'm not entirely certain, but is is Dragon Fly at Duinrell?
Curses! I was hoping to wind you up for a while longer yet! It is indeed the most famous abandoned ex-communist powered coaster in Berlin. :) Well done, ya northern git.

It took me a while to find the layout myself. Google maps, Bing maps, and iOS maps all show nothing but trees. But if you try Google Earth, the picture was taken in winter and the trees are bare. ;)

4 points and your move.
Muhahaha! I was determined not to be defeated ;)

Anyway, moving on, time for a nice easy on for you all! I've had this one pre-drawn for a couple of rounds now, incredibly obvious but sadly I don't have any time to draw another one today.


And GO... Easy 5 points are yours!
Potentially the quickest 5 points of the game so far! Your turn once again Rupert!