Media Coverage of Alton Towers


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CSI Cyber did an episode centering around a roller coaster crash, but i can't remember if it was aired before or after the Smiler's crash.


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Anyone remember the X-Files spin-off based around The Lone Gunmen? The pilot episode centered around terrorists flying a plane in to the WTC. It aired once, only weeks before 9/11.
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Original CSI also did a story based on a coaster crash (we also discovered that Gil Grissom was a secret goon)...

Wonder if Casualty's recent helicopter stunt drew complaints...


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Maybe they've finally exhausted all the bad press they can give the park and are now trying to redeem themselves.


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They've been really pushing RCR for Scarefest, presumably they want as many people visiting the restaurant as possible for the upcoming half term week. There's been a lot of coverage and teaming up with companies for this Scarefest (film meet and greets, nerf gun, reviews etc), I think they're trying their best to keep gate figures up for Scarefest so the event continues to stay popular.


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I hate to say it but I wasnt actually that impressed with my first visit to RCR over Scarefest. The door was constantly open with people queuing to get in meaning the cold air kept blowing in directly at us, the food was cold by the time it came down the tracks, and they messed up two of our orders and by the time they got their food, it was stone cold. The food wasnt that great either, and presentation, given the small size of the pot obviously isnt great. I cant imagine what a Christmas dinner would look like served in a small silver pot apart from one big mess!