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Monorail Refurbishment

It's still an overreaction though. They could have achieved almost the same level of increased safety without gates by just getting people to stand further back - all they'd need to do would be to paint hatched lines on the floor in the current loading bays and re-paint the 6 "stand here" spots behind the bays. Maybe add signs on the railings telling people to stay back until the doors open, with announcements as necessary. Job done.

I've hardly used the monorail in about 3 years, I almost always walk to the main entrance in the morning and exit via Galactica. I'll only get the monorail into the park if I'm arriving at an unusual time and there's no queue.
That was a ... depressing read.
I didn't realise how much of an issue that is and I can see why transport companies are increasingly adding barriers between passengers and the track. I can also see why Alton Towers is reluctant to operate the monorail how it used to despite the capacity issues it now faces.
However with that citation i can not see someone going to Towers to do that.

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People might mess about on the platforms and push their friends towards the edge/a train "as a joke" but they're not going to drive to AT & queue up for half an hour to throw themselves off the platform. There's no need for them to start putting up the number for the Samaritans in the monorail stations.
Citation given


Plenty more where that came from. It's one of the reasons why the newer underground trains have glass doors along the side of the track.

One of the major reason for platform edge doors on the jubilee line extension is to prevent wind from air movements as the train moves down the tunnels. They then didn’t need to put in as many ventilation shafts. The passenger safety aspect is important, but a lesser reason. The new northern line extension isn’t getting them.
A closer parallel than tube trains would be other monorails at theme parks.

The WDW system has platform gates. I think if by some miracle Alton Towers do decide to refurb the monorail they should use some of the cash to install gates.

The problem is the monorail makes no money and investing in it will bring very little to the park and certainly won’t help profits. I imagine air gates won’t be cheap, and other than safety it won’t make much difference. They’ll rather just leave it as it is and make people wait.
Could Alton possibly be installing air gates on the monorail this off-season? So people could stand on the platform safely again?

I must admit I like the red style of those row numbers though; very slick!
Another problem with the monorail is social distancing, with the 2m rule it badly affects capacity, The benches face each other as well.
Another problem with the monorail is social distancing, with the 2m rule it badly affects capacity, The benches face each other as well.
Disney have divided their trains into smaller sections (they are the same seat layout at towers but on a slightly bigger scale)
Either simply blanking out rows or just putting up perspex dividers should do the trick. Bigger issue is processing trains (unload, clean, reload) in a timely manner as I doubt they'll want to commit loads of staff.