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Monorail Refurbishment

Deal Or No Deal The Ride? ;)

Love it :tearsofjoy:
Post of the month that

Someone I know thinks they could be for Towers Trading, but given they're the same colour as the monorail exit signs I think they'll be for the stations. Well find out for sure this season though!
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I'm petty sure towers trading doesn't have that many tills, whilst the monorail certainly has more than 13 bays.

I'd be surprised if they go to the effort of running it if they can only have 1 group per 6 seats, capacity would be woeful. If they do open it they'd absolutely have to do something to reduce loading times, which could be the thinking behind the new numbers - they could have numbered sections in the final part of the queue line so everyone would know where to go as soon as the gates open, have people stand 1 group per section. Easy in theory as everyone should be doing that already.
The signs are definitely in the no ora monorail brand, unless they are going outside the monorail? Eg near the golf or car park, as all the signage around that area is in that branding, can’t see it being for towers street as they would be purple branding.

Im not sure about the numbers though, my first thought was Towers Trading but seems to be too many tills. I would have thought if they were going to number the rows it be far easier to just put small numbers on signs, eg smiler or Rita stations. But I guess they could be numbering each car where you stand or something.
They’d probably be better off spraying bay numbers on the floor. But who knows.

Regarding the Exit signs, they seem a little unnecessary considering the monorail has operated for years with the same set up and signage and it’s pretty obvious which way you need to go. Maybe they are altering the guest flow on exiting the monorail to help with social distancing on the plaza.
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I'd imagine they want to route you around the back of the station and around to where the bus stop is to guide you into the lanes. I also wouldn't be surprised if the relocated the bus stop further back into the express park to stop bottlenecks.
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Hanging numbers makes sense if they intend to have the staff member at the top of the ramp batching guests, much like the coasters.

I'm surprised they are planning on reopening it, but it's great to see they are going into some effort to get the monorail running again.

Now remove the vinyls from the windows while you're at it. Thanks Towers.
Towers did previously say that the monorail was to receive TLC for the park’s 40th anniversary (pre-COVID, I should point out). Maybe this is that finally materialising?
So looks heavily like the monorail will become a "peak day" service only. Go on an off-peak day and you can walk.
What are you basing that on? That sign indicates to me that a specific portion of the queue will be opened/closed variably, possibly depending on staffing?

I'd expect to see 'Closed' rather than "No access to Monorail" otherwise. Seek a team member is an odd thing to suggest in the circumstance it'd be closed; surely there'd be nobody about?

Not saying it won't happen, but I think that sign is spurious evidence.
It looks like a large sign so can’t really work out where it could go. But I would have expected it to say open or closed if that’s what it’s for. So I agree it probably would be for them to open and close the monorail if it was getting busy or not.

I still can’t see how they can operate it without causing issues at the towers street station. Even on reduced capacity there is still a large amount of people arriving at once. Where will all these people to, spread two metres apart waiting to get bag checked and temp checked.