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Discussion in 'Future Discussion' started by WallisDan, 13th Oct 2017.

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    In fairness if they actually thought about the parking, and started people closer to the entrance than the monorail, you wouldn’t need it.

    it must also cost a fortune to run. It’s iconic yes, but is it essential? No.

    there is only so many times you can patch things up. If the track can be used with new trains, then I think that is the way to go. If not, then personally I think it’s time for it to go.
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    Problem is the monorail serves as a link to the 'resort' side of things and as someone who typically stays on resort, the monorail feels needed.

    If the monorail was removed, to walk from Enchanted Village to the theme park... that's a heck of a distance. I did it once and it wasn't an enjoyable experience at all.


    Personally I never want to see Forbidden Valley become a new entrance. The whole Alton Towers experience is entering Towers Street with a view of the Towers right in front of you. This year more than anything Towers have shown how Towers Street/the lawns can be a hub of entertainment and a focal point, it would seem backwards to remove the park entrance from here.

    Hopefully we see some form of refurbishment in the near future. If the monorail were to go, I would expect transport provisions still in place for hotel guests and people with disabilities, such as a land train.
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    We seemed to cope fine without the monorail for the 2020 season. However if it did ever get removed they need to sort the paths out. Some parts are far too small for the amount of guests using them. It would also be good to have sections under cover, properly lit up and also some audio playing.

    EP/Disney style walkways would be good, but probably hard at towers just to the nature of the pathways.

    The main entrance should never move, but I think the hotel entrance should stay, and should also be allowed to be used by annual pass holders if they wanted to use it.
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    Old man, bad knees, keep it running!
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    I wonder if Disney World, Disneyland or Europa Park getting rid of their monorails to be replaced with prettier pathways would be brushed off as much as Alton's?

    Like the repeated calls I read for the Wickerman pre show to be binned off, or that we should be grateful if they end up buying travelling flats to replace permanent themed ones that closed years ago: is this a sign of what has been accepted as the standard at Alton Towers these days? Have expectations sunk so low that we think getting rid of a genuinely useful and experience enhancing attraction is all game?
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    The Smiler
    Why bin off the Wickerman pre-show? I love it!

    I like the monorail too, I think it needs improvements but I enjoy it as part of my day, Just need some improvements on the entrances
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    I love the preshow too, when Covid restrictions meant it wasn't showing, I saw on Twitter that some people realised they could get on the ride 2.45234 minutes quicker so wanted it scrapped.

    I think the monorail has it's place and does need to stay in some form. It just needs a big refurbishment.
    Slightly off-topic but funnily enough I've just watched a couple of interesting videos about the apparent falling from the top of theme parks of Disney, mostly because of the new "fastpass" system Genie+ (that appears to be horrendous and charges you for the privilege!) but also because of the magic slowly disappearing from the resorts due to them just fleecing guests out of as much of their money as possible without seemingly being interested in the unique experience anymore.

    The videos talk about all the freebies that have gone from hotel packages and while it didn't really feature the monorail specifically, it did mention about the free transport to and from the parks and airport and how it's ending next year. It does make you wonder if the transport options could change at Disney over the coming years.
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    Magical Express transport to/from the airport is ending.
    Buses/monorails/boats/cablecars to the parks are not changing.
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