Phantasialand - 2023 Discussion


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Favourite Ride
The Giant Squid
In Charles Lindbergh you only get fast tracks for F.L.Y. and you get one a day per person
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Favourite Ride
Africa's Adventure Trail, the new attraction for this year, has a staff preview event this evening; and filming for marketing material has been taking place over the past few days so must be on the verge of opening soon.
I wonder if they'll let all staff go into the African area or just certain ones ...


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Insights from a staff preview event for the Adventure Trail.





So more insights from the staff previews



Much longer, complex and substantial than I expected to be honest.

Very poor quality video but the first pov
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Adventure Trail opened today.

Website page confirms minimum restrictions as 90cm and 3 years old when accompanied, 1,20cm alone. Also confirmation it will be open in Wintertraum as well. Seems beside the exit of the Trail a new hut as been built for Kroka (the African area dragon) meet and greets too.


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So had my first trip to Phantasia since 2018, few thoughts on the place.

The good

+ F.L.Y is a really immersive coaster, quite intense for a flying coaster in that there is an almost constant positive g-force into the restraint. I would say this does end up a bit uncomfortable by the end of the ride. Vekoma have made a smooth flying machine with a slick transition to the flying position but I will say I found the harness very painful around the shoulders which spoilt the overall experience, based on some of the grumbles and shoulder rubbing from fellow riders at the exit I don’t think this is exclusive to me.

Theming was obviously second to none and it had a surprisingly short queue.

+ The new adventure trail is fun (if a bit exhausting), clever addition to the park.

The bad

Have to say it wasn’t the most inspiring trip to Phantasialand and some of what we experienced left a nasty taste:

- Taron was running two trains then dropped to one train, operations where slow despite the low number of trains. Was rather frustrating to queue for.

- The bar service in the hotels has deteriorated (it wasn’t exactly fantastic last time I went). Waited ages to get served and when you go to the bar they bark at you to sit down.

- The only food options were the buffet and as we were there two nights and one of the buffets wasn’t an option due to a member of the group having a nut allergy, we only did the Matamba buffet one night and planned to do the bar food the next. On getting to the bar we where told no food and all they could offer was nuts (not an option). In the end we managed to grab 7 bags of salt and vinegar crisps for the group. Why they can’t offer some simple bar food options as advertised is beyond me.

- The pool in LB is only half open and the refurb seems to have removed the themed flooring.

- As always Dragon bar was closed, no idea why they even bother with it as I think I have known it to open once in the 5 or 6 visits I have done over the years.

- Park close was 6pm but they continue with the stupid earlier ride closures which makes planning a day really awkward. Also a lot of rides didn’t open at 10am as advertised.

Have to be honest and say that excluding the lovely theming the park and resort showed some concerning levels of poor customer service, and park hours cuts we normally recognise in Merlin parks, I certainly won’t be staying on resort again when I do return.


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Just had two days there myself. Noticed there were a lot of new bar staff in training, with training being done by those who were also running the bar. Matamba bar service was rather poor first night but no issues in Ling Bao bar. Second night in Matamba was ok.

Ling Bao buffet seemed a downgrade on previous visits and the dessert selection left a lot to be desired.

Rookburgh area though is fantastic and very immersive. Also found F.L.Y restrains a bit painful when riding but on the whole a decent coaster.

Park close both days was 19:00. Busy but not overly so. Queue-time estimates seem to be pure guess work still. 😂

Will be doing full trip report at some point but first Europa Park 😀

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The above post from @Dave reminds me, I experienced perhaps the worst customer service I've ever experienced at a park during a visit to Phantasialand earlier this year.

The locker area and system of F.L.Y. is absolute chaos and enormous faff to deal with. I was pleasantly surprised by the coaster itself, but such is the stress of getting on the thing with everything off your person, I actually only rode it twice over two days. This is despite its excellent capacity and what should be in theory, a simplified boarding process for a flying coaster that is by virtue of this system, rendered absolutely tedious.

Anyhow, on my first ride, I followed the instructions to remove everything from the pockets of the seemingly endless layers I was wearing in the dead of winter. Upon reaching the metal detector, an attendant spotted that I was still wearing my hat. Anywhere else, this might be funny, right? But the attendant treated this particular moment of accidental guest slapstick as if we were in a real airport, not a steampunk shed, and as if I had instead made a joke about wearing a suicide vest. He had hurried my partner, nervous about the experience, to the station whereas I had to head back. Realising my mistake, I did one bad swear (to myself) and started calling after her.

The attendant then actually did a childish impression of me calling after my girlfriend to my face. Gobsmacked, I asked him what the problem was, and presumably realising he was well over the line, he said, "I heard the word you used, I cannot stand swearing!" I apologised for my minor effin' and jeffin', but asked him if mocking me was really necessary? Knowing the absolute stubbornness and often er, direct emotional temperament of many Germans (source: seven years living in Berlin, although the Rhine region is a different game...), I apologised, and then he outright refused to accept my apology.

I exited right through the door of shame, and by the time I'd stowed said hat, he had shifted positions. He checked my restraint five minutes later without looking either of us in the eye.

In bizarre contrast, next day on the return flight from Cologne, my girlfriend optimistically attempted to get an orange peeler through hand luggage. Understandably, she was pulled aside for a grilling by several real-life airport security staff, who found this particularly ambitious smuggling attempt to be nothing more than absolutely hilarious.
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Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point
Ride close at Phantasialand was the earliest of all the parks we visited. Rides began closing from 5.30pm! In August!

On the Saturday it was extended 1 hour but it still felt a bit stingy.

I'll post fuller comments later.

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Currently here and having a pretty terrible day. Queued for F.L.Y from 9:10 and failed to open at 10. At 10:45 they then closed the queue as it was having technical problems.

Queue times are grossly under-estimate, Taron said 40 minutes but that was 65 minutes ago and nowhere near the station.

Not a fan that I’ve been on park for 3:30hrs and have only managed to do Mystery Castle.