Planet Coaster, RCT & NoLimits Quick Questions

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    I’ve never not had it sync up. I think there are a couple of stock messages it can throw, particularly if there is service disruption at Steam’s end, but it’s personally never caused me an issue. Sometimes Steam just throws a hissy fit and flashes up warnings to try and cover itself.

    Best bet would be to give the free tier a try, play for an hour or two with something you’re not too precious about and then try quitting and reopening locally. Just bare in mind that if you quit and rejoin GeForce Now in quick succession I think you can sometimes get allocated the same rig, as there’s a bit of a closedown process that takes place once you kill your session, to make sure it’s fresh for the next person. If you’re quick you can catch it out (which I assume is to try and preserve the session in case your connection fluctuates), so it might not be a foolproof way of testing the sync. Best the quit and give it a few minutes before reconnecting if you’re testing it that way.

    As DistortAMG says, expect a bit of a wait for a rig on the free tier, especially when America comes online or on weekends. I pay for the service on a founder plan as I used it through the beta period, but even then there can sometimes be a couple of minutes wait at peak times (though it’s generally pretty instant).
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