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Strange Roller Coasters

Double post. Includes "strange rides" and really "coasters" - but OMG.

WTAH? I thought some people are nuts but these people have a serious problems to go on those rides. If that park was still open today, a heath and safety officer now a days would have a heart attack!
Those two guys telling us about the park were funny tho lol
Not sure if this has been posted but...

How long does this ride last... It's crazy.

Not sure everyone would agree but I'd love something like this at towers
Anyone interested in these type of "Alpine Coasters" (and you should be interested in them because they are amazing) should know there are some great ones within driving distance of Europa Park, most notably the Hassenhorn Coster:

While you are in the area of the Hassenhorn coaster, it's worth checking out Steinwasen park, a tiny hillside amusement park, with yet another alpine coaster, and many hillside toboggan type rides:

It even has an indoor powered toboggan slide (yes that exists) , complete with glacier theming and giant yeti:

The glacier building also contains a standard powered minetrain ride, and walk through which all interact with each other.

It also has an utterly bizzare children's darkride named "Historic Black Forest Train", which I wish I could find a video of.

Infact pretty much all the attractions at Steinwasen are bizzare and belong in this thread. Well worth a visit if in Europa Park area. Worth keeping in mind that all alpine slides and alpine coasters allow you to control your own car speed, so it's important to visit at quiet times, or you will be stuck going slowly all the way down behind small children! These things can be very dangerous if someone decides to stop their car, and the car behind comes crashing in to it at speed.
I just noticed these and thought I would add them to this topic. Not sure if any have featured but a quick search came up blank. Although only no 2 is only a rollercoaster, the other 2 were worthy of posting by my reckoning.

I posted the links that I found each one at as well as this article http://www.cracked.com/article_23922_skyscraper-slides-6-awesome-new-pieces-architecture.html


1. The Sky slide

It’s one thing to look out over Los Angeles from the tallest building in the western United States. Soon, the view will take on new intensity as risk takers careen down a clear glass slide 1,000 feet above ground.

Beginning in June, visitors can take their fear of heights to a new level, shooting from the 70th to the 69th floor of the U.S. Bank Tower downtown.

The building owners say it will be the country’s first “skyslide.”


2.Skyplex Orlando

Orange County’s board of commissioners granted zoning approval Tuesday night for the $500 million Skyplex Orlando project. The unanimous vote means that developer Joshua Wallack and his family can move to the planning and construction phase on their project to build the 570-foot “Skyscraper” coaster and surrounding entertainment complex on Orlando’s International Drive.


3. Dolní Morava Sky Walk

The Sky Walk is a 180ft-tall winding footpath. Located nearly 3700ft. above sea level at the Dolní Morava resort in the Czech Republic, it offers a breathtaking view of the Morava river valley. If you don’t want to walk back down, you can take its 330ft.-long slide.

I don't know if this has already been posted on here before and I apologise if it has. I wan't to ride this one, a rollercoaster zip wire :eek:

It looks like the illegitimate love-child of an alpine coaster and a zip wire. It doesn't exactly look pleasant, but I'd still do it for a laugh. :p
Janky Chinese coaster? Check!
Janky transition out of a loop? Check!
Shittiest looking corkscrew? Check!

I give you Star Ripper at Star Fantasy Port, opening December 18th!
Janky Chinese coaster? Check!
Janky transition out of a loop? Check!
****tiest looking corkscrew? Check!

I give you Star Ripper at Star Fantasy Port, opening December 18th!

the amount of dust on the track makes it look as if it's been open for a century!
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Janky Chinese coaster? Check!
Janky transition out of a loop? Check!
****tiest looking corkscrew? Check!

I give you Star Ripper at Star Fantasy Port, opening December 18th!

Christ that lift hill killed me. Nearly 90 seconds to get to the crest!

How does it lose so much speed before it got to the corkscrew!

That is 1 badly designed attempt at a rollercoaster

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It's cute how they attempted to build it properly with lead-ins and all those things real Arrow coasters didn't bother with until the RMC bloke took over just before the end, yet it's still arguably worse designed. It's like it was done on Planet Coaster.