The Smiler Merchandise


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BigDave said:
I have a load here. Could post you a free one if you like or bring it to a meet?

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Ooh that would be brilliant! If you're sure you don't mind?! I'll message you my address :)


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Alastair said:
They gave them away at Scarefest and Fireworks last year if I'm not mistaken, it wasn't just Smiler staff? I know Al has one on the front of his car.

EDIT - Beaten to it! :p

Fixed that for you! ;)


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Gotta be Oblivion tbh!
I kinda went all out on smiler stuff last sauturday.;)

I have
-Grey Smiler Hoodie
-Smiler Shopping Bag (comes in handy a lot surprisingly) ;)
-Glass Smiler Paperweight (Its so awesome)

:D ^All of the above I frequently use (asides from the orp), so all good purchases. :D


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I have to confess to having a few Alton Towers bears... so I went for the Smiler yellow bear that smells of strawberries :)

When I visit again later in the year I think I might pick up a t-shirt and hoody.


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Currently wearing my smiler hoodie. I must admit though, a lot of the merch is poor quality and is falling apart already

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