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TowersStreet Community Survey 👥💬


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We've launched our TowersStreet Community Survey today!

We’ve put together this survey to help us understand your thoughts and opinions on our current website, forums and meet-ups, so that we can work to offer the best TowersStreet experience possible to as many people.

The survey takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete, and you can always stop and continue later if you need to (provided you are signed in with a Google Account).

Please be as honest as you can, and remember there are no right or wrong answers here! We are keen to hear what you think we currently do well, where we can improve, and where we might head in the future.

⚠️ Just a quick note also:

Please check the headings and instructions for each question carefully - initial questions are specifically for the main TowersStreet WEBSITE and not the forums - and visa versa - there is a group of questions later in the survey for the FORUMS and not website

We're seeing some responses in the WEBSITE section that relate to the forums - please check carefully so we get the right results in the right places! Thanks.

Of course if you do have any questions about the survey, or feedback about the survey itself, you can reply here and we'll do our best to respond.

The survey will remain open for the next 4 weeks, and we intend to collate and aggregate the results shortly after that time in mid-December.

Thanks all



Is the survey completely anonymous?

We encourage you to be honest and open as possible, and the survey will be completely anonymous by default, as we do not track any individual information, such as IP address, cookie, referrer or other data.

However, you will be asked at the end if you would be OK with us contacting you further to discuss any questions around your answers, and if you select yes to that question, you'll be asked to choose to leave your forum username or an email address at that point, but you do not need to.

If you do not leave your name or email address on that final question, your responses will be completely anonymous.

What will the survey ask about?

The survey contains questions around 4 areas:
  1. General Demographics - this is some aggregate data to help us understand a little bit about you, such as the bracket of your age, and your home country.
  2. TowersStreet Website - these are questions around our MAIN website (https://towersstreet.com) and not our forum - those will come next!
  3. TowersStreet Talk Forum - these are questions around our FORUM specifically
  4. TowersStreet Meetups and your visits to parks - some questions about if you attend our meetups, and your thoughts on them, and some demographic questions around how you visit parks
There are around 20-30 questions depending on which options you select - we have multiple 'pathways' through the survey that may ask additional (or less) questions if you pick particular options - for example, we will ask you less about meetups if you have never attended one.

Most questions are multiple choice type, and we ask you to read each question carefully before responding. Please avoid using 'Other...' options if you can as this can be harder to draw up our aggregate results, but of course there will be times there will be an option you wish to select other than those provided.

Each section does have a 'further comments' section for you to add further thoughts or follow up information if you wish too, and we encourage you to use these to give us any other thoughts, feelings, ideas, suggestions or clarifications of your responses if you wish.

Are you going to/looking to make changes based on the survey results?

We're not committed to changing anything specifically at this time - this survey is for us to understand how our current members, past members and future (non) members think and understand how trends and attitudes may have changed.

If the survey highlights something obvious to us as a team that we need to address, we'll share these in time with you and the timeline for any actions we take, as per our community guidelines around transparency.

Will you be sharing the survey results with everyone?

Once the survey has closed, we'll be aggregating the results and reviewing them as a team in detail, as even the team can not see the individual responses as they are submitted (bar one person managing the survey for us!).

This is to protect the integrity of the data and also ensure that we can see a complete and full picture once as many of the responses are in as possible. The team have also been asked to complete a copy of the survey to compare and contrast our opinions and thoughts versus those of our members and wider community.

We would like to share some of those aggregated results with you in time, but it is unlikely to be a full set of the survey data to protect peoples' privacy perhaps where they have shared either potentially identifying information, or other sensitive information or opinions in free text fields.

Can I share the survey with other people? Will you be sharing it outside of the forum?

You are more than welcome (and we'd love it in fact) to share the survey with others who may not see it advertised here - bear in mind the survey is targeted at people who have a level of interest or enthusiasm for Alton Towers or TowersStreet, but we do want to make sure that we survey people who are not part of the forums, or don't attend meets, to ensure we get a broad mix of opinions.

We will be sharing the survey across our social media channels and homepage in the near future also.

Can I fill in the survey multiple times? What if I want to change my mind about a question?

Obviously we would like to ensure the survey is fair for all, so we would ask you not to submit multiple responses, and if we suspect that there are duplicates, we may segregate those results from the aggregate results.

If you make a mistake and would like to re-submit your responses, you can contact @Ian who is managing the responses on behalf of the team, and please PM him with your details if you wish to do so, or you can email [email protected] too. Providing you can clearly identify your previous response, we may be able to remove them and let you know if you can re-submit.

Can I opt out of the survey once I have taken part?

If your response can be clearly identified (e.g. by the inclusion of a name or email address, or by the cross referencing of mulitple answers), we may be able to remove your data from the survey if you wish to opt out. Please contact @Ian by PM with your details if you wish to do so, or you can email [email protected] too.

If we are not able to clearly identify your data, it may not be possible for us to remove your response, but it is of course unlikely to contain any identifying information that would requiring removing if we are not able to identify it.

Are you sharing the results with any other third parties?

No, we will not be sharing the raw data with any other third parties, including the obvious such as Alton Towers, Merlin Entertainments, Europa Park, Mack etc. - of course, those parties may see aggregate data that we share on the forums, but that will be public for everyone rather than specific companies or individuals.

Your data is being processed by Google for the administration and collection of the survey form, and that is processed in accordance with their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

How long will you retain any data collected, particularly if email addresses have been submitted?

For any personal data such as email addresses or names, we will hold the data until we aggregate the results, and at which point we will determine if we require to contact you further about your responses. If we do not require to contact you further, we will remove any personal data from the response at that time.

The aggregated data and non-personal data will be retained and stored indefinitely so that we may compare and contrast any future surveys or similar questions to our community.

Got another question or feedback about the survey?

Add it below and we'll do our best to answer it!
The team have just finished going through the data and are currently in the process of reviewing what actions we can take in response to the data.

The first of those changes should be announced shortly as they are in final review now.

We’ll be sharing the aggregated sentiments and themes that support those changes as they are announced, and those changes are based on the most prominent feedback from the survey. So you will see feedback aggregated from the survey in that respect.

As we said in the FAQs however that we won’t be sharing the results in full as there is already a lot of complexity in disseminating what we have in the results, including all of the branching logic for different users (eg people who have never visited the forum vs people who regularly visit the forum) and it’s taken us a month just to piece everything together for the team.

Naturally the priority in the mean time is to put our limited time and efforts into the ideation and actioning the feedback and changes rather than trying to present it all.

Again we’ve not discounted sharing some data and other insights once we’re through with the actions… but I’d expect that to be something later this year if we find the time to turn it into something prettier and fun to share with everyone! 😄

Naturally the priority in the mean time is to put our limited time and efforts into the ideation and actioning the feedback and changes rather than trying to present it all.

If the survey was still open I would have suggested adding “ideation” to the banned word filter….