Versus - which is the better coaster?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scott.Smith, 18th Jul 2012.

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    Re: Nemesis vs Jubilee Odysse

    Hawker put a lot of thought into his poll and it is relatively complex in an attempt to make it fairer, but it only partially succeeds in reality.

    The old CoasterForce ratings were much fairer in my opinion.
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    Both the Oblivion vs. Saw topic and the Nemesis vs. Jubilee Odyssey topics have been merged here... the previous posts might not make much sense :p.

    Wanting to pit one ride against another in a battle of preference? Please continue discussion here :).
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    Your Mum
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    Your Dad
    so what's better?

    Air vs. Flying fish?
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    Air / Blue Fire
    Re: Nemesis vs Jubilee Odysse

    Now that I remember it the CoasterForce ratings did tend to be fairly good although how I'm not sure. Whenever I looked at an individual ride's page far too many people were giving 10's and 0's to bump their favourites. I guess overall it must have cancelled out.

    Out of interest do you know why they stopped it? The ride information and rating pages used to be the reason I visited the site, now it just seems like any other forum.
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    The site had a redesign about 2 years ago, the park guide page included and I believe the ride ratings weren't compatible with the new format or something? It's a shame really because the park guide pages look awful now and are unnecessarily difficult to navigate too. The scoring system was quite well regulated as well, there was a topic to report ratings abusers which was used quite frequently. The only major problem with the system was that the obscure rides which few people had ridden would rank the highest, particularly if say, one or two people would give it a '10'.

    Mitch Hawker is probably the best thing now but even that seems to have died now.

    For the sake of the original question...

    Oblivion >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sore.
    If Odyssey is anything like Kumali and Infusion then I'd say Nemesis would easily beat it. Although I have heard it raved by some people as well. (And not just people from Skegness. ;) )

    Oh and one last thing, I don't think that because these polls are pointless due to the Alton-bias, with a "worthy competitor" I reckon many members would choose the non-Alton option if they really believed it to be better. Whilst this is essentially an Alton fansite, I don't think any of the members believe that there aren't better rides outside of the park. :)

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