Was Nemesis a fluke?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Altonadvocate1, 12th Mar 2016.

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    Not a fluke.

    Also sometimes in life, it seems things WANT to be created and come into being, and it's up to people to take it on.

    How many times have you had an idea, then a few months/weeks/year later someone else has done exactly the same thing?

    I believe Nemesis would have happened in some form.

    It may well have just happened somewhere else.

    No fluke.

    The strange creative force.

    But it takes those with belief and desire to make it happen. Those brave enough, determined enough, become conduits - any decent artist will tell you the same - heck even EINSTEIN did that (relativity coming to him in a dream I believe [citation needed]).

    That's why, IMO, Nemesis is such a classic and somehow seems to completely defy time.
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    You're absolutely bang on with that. I've seen it happen so many times, not just in my own life but others too. So strange how it happens.

    I've also noticed that there seems to be a year or 2, in every decade, where amazing things happen all over the world - 1984/85 seems to be one of those periods, and also 1994/95 - aside from Nemesis, just look at how many amazing and iconic movies came out around that time. Obviously things like movies and rollercoasters take years to develop so the creative forces must have been at work around 92/93.

    As for this decade, so far I feel 2012/13 were the stand-out years.
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  3. Altonadvocate1

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    In a way it saddens me that more lessens weren't learnt from Nemesis.

    Every year around the world parks play leapfrog with each other to create the world's tallest roller coaster or some other superficial headline. This is despite the fact that roller coaster like so many things in life are subject to the law of diminishing returns. A 410 foot roller coaster will be no more intimidating than a 400 foot roller coaster.

    If I fall from 50 feet, I'm toast. If I fall from 400 feet, I'm still toast so increases in height over this whilst giving a great view, don't increase the fear for me.

    Some of these parks have enormous ride budgets, but use it to chase the height record and other trinkets.

    If these budgets were used as creatively as the 10 million spent on Nemesis then we would have coasters to behold.

    That said, I'm very proud and very glad that we have the original and best at AT.
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    If the determination and passion was there, It is possible for Nemesis to be beaten. If other parks self-imposed restrictions on themselves and came up with more creative solutions we would definitely have some interesting coasters. It's too easy and frankly lazy to just build a big, fast coaster on a flat piece of land.
  5. AirFAN

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    Imagine a park that could build Nemesis at ground level also (without the need to excavate), it would look a mess of a coaster.
    Posted 6th Apr 2016
  6. Rojo

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    Not really a fluke, it was a rollercoaster that had everything for its time. It's one of the few times at AT where a ride wasn't overhyped, the marketing was brilliant, the theme had great attention to detail and it fit in the area. Since then I can only think of Oblivion that came close to matching the hype and succeeding. I guess for me looking back it was probably my first "upside down coaster" and my introduction to thrill rides so there is certainly a lot nostalgia involved.

    Although I don't know what they were putting in that fizzy drink but I'm fairly sure most of the ingredients are now blacklisted.
    Posted 7th Apr 2016
  7. Slugjc

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    Just to the left of over there!!!
    I will go down the fluke line. Before nemesis they were looking at coasters that wouldn't work, it was only wardley begging b and m, for there new ride technology that got it built.
    Then we have the fact that couldn't build above tree height, we all know nemmy wouldn't be as good at ground level, the pit adds more then any track layout, added theaming could. Also gives you as a designer more to work with.
    Alot of things became right for them. All it took was someone at some tiny point to say no, and the whole thing changes, because they got yes's it became the legend.

    All good design is down to an element off luck. You see how a simple rebrand can make or break a company. No matter how good John design was, it was his intuition and a bit of look that made nemesis what it is.
    Posted 7th Apr 2016
  8. Rick

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    You wouldn't build that layout, I guess - the layout is a product of the circumstances.

    I think in part it was a fluke, if it wasn't, the same success could have been repeated at least a couple more times but only Oblivion had similar (or greater) gravitas associated with it in its opening season.

    That said, I think the fact that it's all a tad routine makes it harder to impress. I'd be interested to see how Nemesis would be received as new in 2013, had the Smiler been introduced in 1994 (and a vice versa).

    Look at Great Adventure - five B&Ms, Kingda Ka, El Toro, the drop tower everyone forgets the name of etc etc. New world beating rides there are such a non-event because they're expected.
    Posted 9th Apr 2016
  9. Altonadvocate1

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    Time to close my own thread after a year. Nemesis was a result of risk taking, investment, sublime design AND fluke.

    Coasters will be longer, bigger, higher, faster...

    But better... I don't think so!

    Best ever as far as I'm concerned.
  10. Tom

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    They've never built a helix like it since!
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    Posted 1st Jan 2017
  11. Ryan B

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    It wasn't a fluke, the only fluke was the planning restrictions in place. We can hate them all we like but without them I don't think we'd ever have anything like Nemesis. The opening of Batman was a fluke in a way because if that wasn't in the pipeline ;) at the same time towers were planning such a ride, we could have ended up with a poor coaster.

    There was a bit of fluking over how it came about but it wasn't a fluke, believe it or not towers was once home to ambition, creativity and for bringing guests an unforgettable experience. (admittedly

    Galactica is unforgettable, due to factors the complete opposite of nemesis. Lack of ambition, copying over companies ideas, desperate world firsts and the park not being able to work mobile phones (see the standby message in the headsets, burnt in, right in the centre.
    At first you don't notice it but when you do you won't be able to avoid it :p)
    Back on topic, yes some factors of nemesis were a fluke, but a world class ride popping up at towers wasn't.
    Posted 2nd Jan 2017
  12. Tibble

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    The Smiler
    As so many people have said it wasn't a fluke. I just question if the people / companies have the guts to do something like that again.
    Posted 4th Jan 2017

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