Who do you think will win the premier league 2012/2013

Discussion in 'Corner Coffee' started by soundwave96, 13th Jun 2012.

  1. Chelsea if Torres meme's return in full swing to inspire him!
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    Arsenal: Depend on if they have a fit Jack Wilshire for most of the season, I still think Arsenal would've been closer to the mancs than Spurs and Newcastle had he been with them all of last season. They've finally started to spend money and with Ox and Walcott looking like the could be a formidable pair on either wing as well as Carzorla there to work magic I reckon they've got serious title challenge potential, regardless of whether that ungrateful mercenary RVP goes or not.

    Chelsea:Still feel AVB's sacking was unjust, but Roberto's certainly proved himself as the best caretaker manager in history, whether he's going to work in the long term however, remains to be seen. Torres could shine this season, as long as he gets a few goals in earlier on to set up his confidence for the season. Hopefully with Oscar, Hazard and Marin they might play decent football this season as opposed to what seemed like a tribute to 90's Wimbledon.

    Liverpool: Sorry, I forget this topic is about title challengers, not mid table teams. ;)

    Man City: The signing of Rodw£ll to warm their bench now means they've got about 10 central midfielders, so obviously no injury worries at the "United Stadium" in that part of the pitch. Overall they've probably got the strongest squad in the league, and now they've got Tevez back I'd say that City are my favourites to win the title.

    Man United: After losing the title last year in fergie time, I think they've now past the point of being the dominate force, and I can see them doing a Liverpool in the next 10 years. I'm going to say they're more likely to finish 3rd-6th this season, considering every other big team has a stronger squad this season.

    Newcastle: Not title contenders, but will certainly be in the fight for the CL places.

    Spurs: Same as Newcastle.
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    Blimey, I hope the bookies write-off Manchester United as much as you lot do! Lost the title on goal difference with the most injured players in the league to a team with the fewest.
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    Norwich will win...
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