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Discussion in 'Rest of the World Parks and Attractions' started by Adam, 13th Jun 2012.

  1. Adam

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    The Smiler
    Pretty standard topic for a coaster forum, what are the 10 best coasters you've ridden? :)

    Mine are:

    10 ) Grand National (Pleasure Beach Blackpool):

    A true legend of the UK coaster world, but at nearly 80 years old it still packs a punch, even if Kumbak may have somewhat ruined it when they did their "renovation" a few years back. But for me Nash is a great ride that I always head to first when I go to PBB.

    9 ) Stealth (Thorpe Park):

    A basic layout, straight up then straight back down again, but this coaster combines it's speed with the lovely views at the top and airtime on offer to make a brilliant ride, and the launch is a rush.

    8 ) The Ultimate (Lightwater Valley):

    Awfully designed, but that's the reason why it's so good. Some of the forces in the latter stages of the ride are just stupid and it really impossible not too hold on for you life as you fly through the woodland.

    7 ) Raptor (Gardaland):

    Best themed coaster I've ever seen, and the wing rider concept is a brilliant one in my opinion. This coaster, while not as forceful as the other two Italian coasters, is certainly a fun and enjoyable ride with amazing theming interaction such as the tree split in half or the bent metal structure. I could ride this coaster all day tbh.

    6 ) Goliath (Walibi World):

    One of the most beautiful rides I've ever seen, this also has plenty of airtime in it's layout, plus it's location is wonderful and that Stengel Dive is a fun bit of track.

    5 ) Dragon Kahn (PortAventura):

    Some people say it's just a mixture of inversions with no theming or interaction once you depart from the station* but those inversions are blended together brilliantly. Top class coaster.

    4 ) Oblivion (Alton Towers):

    It may be short, and it may be in a disgraceful condition nowadays, but that does nothing to retract from this coasters purpose. To make you afraid. The rush you get from the drop is unmatched from any coaster I've ever ridden, to put it no finer a point this ride is amazing.

    3 ) Katun (Mirabilandia):

    While not as forceful as it's English cousin and the ride that beats it to second place, this coaster is amazing, and once you ride it you'll see why it constantly gets ranked so high in coaster polls. Unlike Nemesis this does lose the sheer force of the earlier parts towards the end, but the first bit is more than good enough to make up for this. Wonderfully themed as well.

    2 ) Nemesis (Alton Towers):

    What can I say? A simply amazing coaster that hasn't got a dull moment in it's amazingly creative layout. Anyone who doubts B&Ms ability to be both creative and amazing has never seen this harmonious infusion of force and beauty for themselves.

    1 ) iSpeed (Mirabilandia):

    It's not just got an amazing launch, it's not just got some good bits of airtime, it's not just got some funky inversions, it's got all three. :) Brilliant coaster, proof for me that Intamin coasters really can be amazing machines, I first rode this front row on a cold day and fell in love with it.

    * Remember that Shambhala didn't exist when I rode it in 2010, so I've no idea what it's like now.
    Posted 13th Jun 2012
  2. Nick

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    I'll just do a basic list, and will add further information when I'm not so tired tomorrow.

    10. Kraken- good floorless coaster, some exciting elements in there.
    9. Sonic Spinball- unbelievably fun, and always gives a new ride experience.
    8. The Ultimate- despite the excruciatingly long lift-hills, a great coaster.
    7. Expedition Everest- unbelievably well themed, especially the queueline, and a great all-round coaster experience, with many different elements.
    6. Air- relaxing and fun, exactly what a good flying coaster should be like.
    5. Montu- great theming, and the Batwing is a great and unique experience.
    4. Kumba- pretty much the perfect B&M sitdown, great elements and perfect smoothness.
    3. Black Mamba- beautiful theming, and some great forces. Almost as good as Nemesis.
    2. Incredible Hulk- THAT LAUNCH AND ZERO-G, then the rest of the ride is pretty good.
    1. Nemesis- beautifully paced, well themed and the intensity makes this my favourite coaster.
    Posted 13th Jun 2012
  3. Sam

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    Can't be arsed to type out a sentence for each when so much has been said about them already, but here are my top ten. If you have any questions about any of them, ask away!

    #1 Nemesis
    #2 EGF
    #3 Ultimate
    #4 X2
    #5 Megafobia
    #6 Black Mamba
    #7 Nash
    #8 Matterhorn Bobsleds
    #9 Blue Fire
    #10 Tatsu
    Posted 13th Jun 2012
  4. Rob

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    Steel Vengeance
    For a minute there I thought you'd put Matterhorn Blitz, which would have led to me questioning your sanity!! :p

    I shall post my top 10 once I've had a little think as I'm not too sure at the moment!

    Posted 13th Jun 2012
  5. John

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    Im Turm von Mystery Castle
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    Steel Vengeance
    This is what I love about new forums, all the basic topics you can't post on an established one. I don't really have well-ordered ranking of coasters beyond the top 10, I find it different even to list an order of preference for those at Thorpe Park, let alone rank 100+ rides. Even my top 10 varies quite a lot, but as things stand, it looks something like this:

    10. Wild Mouse, PBB
    9. Knightmare
    8. Megafobia
    7. Black Mamba
    6. Blue Fire
    5. Euro Mir
    4. Tonerre de Zeus
    3. Ultimate
    2. Nemesis
    1. Expedition Ge Force
    Posted 13th Jun 2012
  6. Charlee

    Charlee TowersStreet Member

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    #1 Nemesis
    As soon as you reach the first drop its an amazingly intense experience, beautifully themed.

    #2 Blue Fire
    Brilliant launch, amazingly themed, and the barrel roll!

    #3 Oblivion
    One of the scariest coasters I've ridden, and the music is just so catchy.

    #4 Wodan
    The first and only woody I've ridden, and boy, I hope there all like that!

    #5 Black Mamba
    A brilliantly intense experience, well themed, even the staff are themed, loved it.

    #6 Silver Star
    The best looking car park ride I've ridden, nice and light and floaty.

    #7 Air
    Shame there's such minimal themeing, but the ride works without it.

    #8 Swarm
    The first drop and the in-line twist are breathtaking, not too keen on the theme though.

    #9 Stealth
    I get such a buzz from this ride, the launch is pretty good, love the theme.

    #10 Colossus
    The ride is only really on here because of the landscaping, and the little bit of themeing, shame about the roughness though.
    Posted 13th Jun 2012
  7. Fredward

    Fredward TowersStreet Member

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    #1 Nemesis
    #2 Blue fire
    #3 Silver Star
    #4 The Swarm
    #5 Wodan
    #6 Oblivion
    #7 Rock 'n rollercoaster avec aerosmith
    #8 Euro Sat
    #9 Euro Mir
    #10 Th13teen

    If I'm being honest, I'm unsure where nemesis is standing on my list, I feel I have whored nemi to much and is getting too... Standard (if that's a right word!)

    I'm keeping it at number 1 for the time being because as a ride its fantastic... Im just enjoying other rides more because they are different...

    Blue fire is amazing though, and the new soundtrack is orgasmic!

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    Posted 14th Jun 2012
  8. SLC

    SLC TowersStreet Member

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    Honourable mentions to Revenge of the Mummy, Kraken and Kumba.

    10. Stealth
    The feeling of speed is just awesome, it's just a shame that the ride is over so quickly - imo Intamin should try to extend the layout of these coasters to make them even more enjoyable.

    9. The Swarm
    Another Thorpe Ride makes it into my top 10, and it's The Swarm. Fantastic little ride and the first drop is incredible. It's both smooth and graceful, and I can't wait to go on it again.

    8. Dragon Challenge (Chinese Firebolt)
    The Chinese Firebolt is the superior of the two ex-duelling coasters, and it seems to last for quite a while. Has some nice little bits of airtime and the inversions are well-timed - it's a shame I couldn't get on it while it was duelling. Not as good as the other two inverts on my list, though

    7. Space Mountain
    I'm a huge Space Mountain fan, and although it's a little rough at times, it's crazy. You can't see where you're going, there are sudden drops and turns and it's genuinely a good time. The theming is pretty good too. It gets bonus points for supposedly being my first ever coaster!

    6. Oblivion
    Somehow better than SheiKra. You know what it's like, so I'm not going to explain it that much.

    5. Expedition Everest
    One of the few highlights of the Animal Kingdom. The theming is amazing and the coaster is very, very fun. There's a pretty nice headchopper at the end, too.

    4. Nemesis
    The second of the inverts, so I'm sure you can guess the one which beats this. Like Oblivion, you know the drill.

    3. Incredible Hulk
    At the time of riding, it was my favourite ride in the world. The launch into the Zero-G roll is probably one of my favourite elements on a coaster amongst the many unique Floridian ones such as the non-inverting loop of RRR. The rest of the layout is stunning, and although it's not too intense, it's the only coaster to have made me grey-out for a bit (from the cobra roll to the loop).

    2. Montu
    Montu is great. It has the perfect combination of floaty elements and forceful ones, and the layout is wonderful. I rate it higher than Nemesis, though it's a pretty close call.

    1. Manta
    Definitely my favourite one. Every inversion on this is graceful and the coaster itself is well-paced. Although there have been some people complaining about the loop, I think it's very fun and not that intense. The barrel rolls give off an incredible feeling.
    Posted 14th Jun 2012
  9. Sam

    Sam TowersStreet Member

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    Was I riding a different Incredible Hulk...? The layout after the first loop is boooooo-ring, generic B&M formula stuff, a complete wasted opportunity!
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    Posted 14th Jun 2012
  10. LewisNavex

    LewisNavex TowersStreet Member

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    Top 10 Coasters:

    #1 Blue Fire Megacoaster: Powered by Gazprom, Europa Park, Mack Gmbh

    #2 Nemesis, Alton Towers, John Wardley

    #3 Shambhala: Expedición al Himalaya, PortAventura, --

    #4 EuroSat, Europa Park, Werner Stengel

    #5 The Smiler, Alton Towers, John Wardley and Ben Dowson

    #6 Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure, Werner Sengal

    #7 Wodan: Timbur Coaster, Europa Park, Gmbh

    #8 El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure, Werner Stengal

    #9 Oblivion, Alton Towers, John Wardley

    #10 The Swarm, Thorpe Park, John Wardley
  11. SLC

    SLC TowersStreet Member

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    I haven't been on many B&M sit downs, but out of the three I have (Hulk, Kumba, Kraken) it has the most unique layout.
  12. Tom

    Tom TowersStreet Member

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    1. Nemesis
    2. Jubilee Odyssey
    3. Colossus
    4. Oblivion
    5. Grand National
    6. Rita
    7. Thirteen
    8. The Ultimate
    9. Wild Mouse (Blackpool)
    10. Saw: The Ride
  13. D4n

    D4n TowersStreet Member

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    Favourite Ride:
    10. The Swarm - Thorpe Park
    9. Kumba - Busch Gardens Africa
    8. Nemesis Inferno - Thorpe Park
    7. Dragon Challenge - IoA
    6. Hulk - IoA
    5. Air - Alton Towers
    4. Th13teen - Alton Towers
    3. Megafobia - Oakwood Theme Park
    2. Montu - Busch Gardens Africa
    1. Manta - SeaWorld Orlando
  14. Dan

    Dan TS Contributor

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    Favourite Ride:
    Steel Vengeance
    #1 Kingda Ka
    #2 Expedition GeForce
    #3 Manta
    #4 Maverick
    #5 Millenium Force
    #6 Raptor
    #7 Nemesis
    #8 Black Mamba
    #9 Troy
    #10 Blue Fire
  15. RyanY

    RyanY TowersStreet Member

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    Won't go into detail. :)

    1. Nemesis
    2. The Swarm
    3. Jubilee Odyssey
    4. Oblivion
    5. Stealth
    6. Air
    7. Saw the Ride
    8. Colossus
    9. Rita
    10. Th13teen

    These are my favorite coasters that I've ridden. I really need to go to Europe and America. :)
  16. Badgy

    Badgy TowersStreet Member

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    Re: Re: Your Top Ten Coasters

    1. Nemesis
    2. Maverick
    3. Wild Mouse (PBB)
    4. Magnum XL 200
    5. Blue Fire
    6. The Swarm
    7. Oblivion
    8. Wicked Twister
    9. Raptor (CP)
    10. Grand National

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  17. Mattmash

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    Newark, Notts
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    Steel Vengeance
    Find it really hard to rank coasters these days, but here's what I'll go with for the moment. I could reply again tomorrow and it would have changed again slightly, out of the top 2 they are all pretty interchangeable.

    10. Olympia Looping
    9. Megafobia
    8. Goliath
    7. Tonnerre de Zeus
    6. Colossos
    5. Monster
    4. Troy
    3. Black Mamba
    2. Nemesis
    1. EGF

    This could have changed quite significantly by the end of August ;)
  18. James6

    James6 TowersStreet Member

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    Wow, this is pretty impossible.

    For now, this is what I have, although it is by no means a definitive list :p

    1. Nemesis
    2. Black Mamba
    3. Colorado Adventure
    4. Expedition Everest
    5. Big Thunder Mountain
    6. Montu
    7. Kumba
    8. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit
    9. The Swarm
    10. Stealth

    This will however be inundated with Europa-ness next month :D
  19. pluk

    pluk TowersStreet Member

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    Not thought about it for a while, has changed surprisingly little in the last few years....

    1 - Goliath - 6flags MM Because greying out is always fun. Immense.

    2 - Nemesis - AT Pretty much perfect in every way. By far the best B+M invert I've riden.

    3 - Ghost Rider - KBF Wood, long, fast. Some people moan about it's roughness but that's how I like it.

    4 - Salvation - 6flags MM This is the smooth fast style of Woodie AT should be looking at. And fire effects on a WOODEN coaster? Yes please.

    5 - X2 -6flags MM In may ways quite a horrible painful ride, but it is so unique and does have it's moments of brilliance.

    6 - Air -AT It's a great design for a flying coaster, just the right intensity. Might not be as big and impressive as Tatsu, but rides a whole lot better.

    7 - Oblivion - AT Again, it's just the right design for a dive machine and the original pre ride build up really ramped up the fear. SheiKra might do a lot else, but it doesn't do the dive as well so what's the point?

    8 - Stealth - Thorpe Probably because I haven't riden TTD.

    9 - The Swarm - Thorpe Underwhelmed first time, but from my second go I loved it.

    10 - The Snails - Joyland, Grt Yarmouth A really personal choice, one of my earliest memories. Having ridden it again as an adult it is still a fun ride with character that can only come with age.

    Just missing out - Steeplechase - BPB A weird one. Probably one of the least forceful coasters in the world. But I love it, so much fun. Extra points for being a massive F U to health and safety - don't wanna die? Best hold on then! Dragon Fury - Chessington I do love spinning coasters and this is the best UK example imo. Wild Mouse - BPPB It is just crazy, the only time I class myself as genuinely scared for my safety on a coaster. Is that a good thing?
  20. Ted

    Ted TowersStreet Member

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    Favourite Ride:
    These are from ones that I have ridden:

    1. Nemesis (Alton Towers)
    2. Oblivion (Alton Towers)
    3. SWARM (Thorpe Park)
    4. Vampire (Chessington)
    5. Grand National (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)
    6. Colossus (Thorpe Park)
    7. Space Mountain: Mission 2 (Disneyland Paris)
    8. Rock and Roller Coaster (Disneyland Paris)
    9. Dragon's Fury (Chessington)
    10. Stealth (Thorpe Park)

    I really need to get on more coasters :p

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