YULLBE - VR Midway Attraction

Discussion in 'EuropaStreet Discussion' started by CSLKenny, 5th May 2020.

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    Can't say that I am overly interested in this at all, but good to see that they have made it appear more presentable. Can't help but get the feeling that it more of a trial of a new VR system that they may look at implementing in the park if successful.
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    Posted 4th Sep 2020
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    I am looking forward to trying this next year.

    They have purchased some of the best head sets (It looks like they are using Primax) you can get, If it was a TV, it would be like a 4K TV compared to Galatica which would of been similar to CRT TV image wise.

    I have been using a VR headset for my Sim Racing for nearly three years, and I would not go back to a monitor now, so the idea of this experience appeals to me. The idea of wearing a VR headset on a coaster or water ride does not appeal to me though.

    But I like the idea of this experience, escape to another world, escape room style puzzles, laser quest style action, it sounds fun to me :)
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