Air Shop

You've prepared for Air... now buy!

This modern, sleek shop was one of the park's largest outlets, catering for all your merchandise needs with a whole range of Air products, as well as offering the chance to purchase your in-flight photo and DVD...

Originally dedicated primarily to Air merchandise, in later years its large floor space meant it also catered for the other attractions in Forbidden Valley as well as their dedicated shops closed their doors.

The Air Shop closed in September 2015, after plans were approved to convert the space into a new restaurant experience coincide with a retheme of Air itself.

Air Shop


  • Air, Nemesis, Nemesis Sub-Terra & Alton Towers Merchandise
  • Branded Clothing
  • Designer Clothing
  • On-Ride Photos
  • Air Off-Ride DVD
  • Sweets and Confectionery
  • Pick'n'Mix
  • Bottled drinks
  • Cigarettes


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