Gloomy Wood Kiosk

Gloomy Wood Kiosk

The kiosk was originally added as an information kiosk, located on the path between Gloomy Wood and Forbidden Valley, for patrons heading along the walking route to Thunder Valley in 1991. In later years, it became a food and drink kiosk, which often only operated seasonally as demand required.

It last opened as a kiosk in 2019, but in its final years it was used for theming purposes, firstly as part of the "Containment Breach" during the Nemesis Closing event, and then for atmospheric storytelling purposes when The Curse at Alton Manor opened.

Gloomy Wood Kiosk was demolished at the end of 2023, to make way for a new purpose-built Refresh and Refill station for Coke Freestyle.

Attraction Stats

November 2019
Under £3