House of Monsters

An online investigation into the paranormal has lead to some fascinating conclusions. Could Halloween monsters actually exist and if they do could they live in a haunted house at Alton Towers...

House of Monsters

House of Monsters will not operate during 2019's Scarefest. The park are currently aiming to reopen the attraction for the 2020 event.

An online vlogger has turned into somewhat of a modern day monster hunter after his investigations have led him to believe that fictitious monsters actually exist and live in a haunted house. He hasn't the nerves to go alone so has asked his online followers to join him on a daring mission to the supposedly abandoned house. Will you join him on the mission, and what will you find? Will you discover that monsters have a good side too?

Suitable for ages 8+, House of Monsters is the park's first venture into having a maze suitable for a family audience. Ever since Scarefest began in 2007, they have always wanted to have a family maze as part of the line up and in 2016 they managed to achieve this goal.

The maze is located in the building that once housed Wobble World in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Attraction Stats

8th October 2016
2nd November 2018
Single ticket
Age Guidance