Mr Bloom's Allotment

Mr Bloom's Allotment

Mr Bloom's Allotment

Tucked away down the garden path at the back of CBeebies Land, the Veggies came to life in Mr Bloom's Allotment.

Whilst Mr Bloom was on holidays he left his allotment in the safe hands of his neighbours The Blossoms, but there's always so much work to do on the allotment, they were always thankful for a helping hand from the Tiddlers.

Before heading into the potting shed, guests waited amongst the plant beds laid out with care by Mr Bloom, with info provided about all the different plant life growing in the gardens. And after a short wait, Mr Bloom appeared on-screen with a video message for all of his friends before he invited you to head inside, where the Veggies were waiting.

Inside the shed, it's bedtime on the Allotment, but the Veggies were far too excited to sleep, especially since the Tiddlers had come to see them down the garden path.  But bedtime is important for growing veggies, so once you'd helped feed Compo, guests were invited to help sing the plants to sleep.

Attraction History

Mr Bloom's Allotment Concept Art

Mr Bloom's Allotment was a brand-new attraction that was built as part of the of CBeebies Land development in 2014.

The area it's located in has never previously been home to any fixed attractions, but was once one of the animal Paddocks of Old MacDonald's Farmyard. In more recent years, this paddock was home to the chickens that featured as part of the Furry Friends.

The show ran until 2021, when it was removed to make way for Andy’s Adventure Dinosaur Dig. The new show reused much of the technology from Mr Bloom's Allotment, though added an interactive dig site in place of the original flower beds.

Attraction Stats

24th May 2014
7th November 2021
Mr Bloom's Allotment
10 minutes