Spinball Noodles (SBNO)

Spinball Noodles serves up a tasty range of chinese noodles and snacks, from Sweet and Sour Chicken, to Duck Spring Rolls. The perfect outlet if you're looking for a satisfying meal to go...

Spinball Noodles arrived at the park in 2004 as part of the development that saw Spinball Whizzer take over Adventure Land. The unit originally opened as Refresh@Spinball and served a similar menu to Refresh@Ripsaw including standard lunchtime items such as sandwiches and cakes.

In 2011, the season after Spinball Whizzer was transformed into Sonic Spinball, Refresh@Ripsaw itself was refreshed to become Spinball Noodles, now offering an oriental inspired menu. The new unit would not last long however and just over a year after it first opened Spinball Noodles was shuttered in May 2012 due to budget cuts that saw several catering outlets either close or reduce their opening hours.

Since then the unit has remained closed and looks unlikely to ever reopen as Spinball Noodles and could now remain SBNO until Spinball Whizzer is removed from the park in years to come.

Attraction Stats

27th March 2004
26 March, 2011
May 2012
£3 - £7