Sub Species: The End Games

Descend into the sewers below The Towers and enter a subterranean civilisation where the decisions you make really will determine your fate…

Attraction Experience

Ever thought that Scarefest was going down the drain? Your suspicions have been confirmed as the park brings to life a post-apocalyptic sewer system for guests' enjoyment. 

Sub-Species: The End Games is anot award-winning multi-route maze that takes visitors deep beneath the Towers to discover a sewer dwelling community, undisturbed since the cataclysm that drove them beneath the ground. It is worth noting that the creatures are a curious bunch and may touch you during your visit...

Additional information: This maze is recommended for over 15s only, you should be in good physical health and able to crouch/crawl in some areas. You should not enter if you suffer with epilepsy, heart conditions or claustrophobia.


Warning: Spoilers Ahead. Sub Species: The End Games is best experienced without reading before your visit, so be warned...

A walkthrough description of Sub Species: The End Games is a little difficult to write... simply because there are so many routes, twists, turns and separations!

Guests are almost guaranteed to spend at least part of the experience alone, so expect to be split up from your group. No two visits to the sewers are the same, with a multitude of different corridors, rooms and tunnels for you walk, crawl and squeeze through.

Be prepared to be on your knees through tunnels, submerged into the pitch black with only a rope to guide you, and to face strange creatures lurching toward you around every corner. Expect to be man handled by the residents of the maze, as they block your path and decide your route through these disorientating twists and turns.

Attraction History

New to the park in 2015, Sub Species: The End Games was a complete game changer for Scarefest experiences. The maze utilises parts of the Towers ruins, entering through the Ladyship's Gardens, as well as incorporating purpose built finale rooms to ensure a lengthy and disorientating visit each time.

The experience introduced the first true "alone" element of any maze seen at the Resort, heightening guest fears and playing on weaknesses such as fear of the dark. 2015 saw the use of two endings; a chainsaw wielding sewer maniac in one, and an other-worldly creature encounter in the other, though in 2016 this was replaced by a single finale.

Attraction Stats

17th October 2015
3rd November 2019
Single Ticket
Combi Ticket
TS Scare Rating
Extremely Scary