The Burger Kitchen

When you're ready for a break and a bite to eat, you'd be cuckoo not to check out what's on the grill...

The Burger Kitchen near Towers is the largest out of the park's Burger Kitchen outlets, offering a range of quick and easy burger meals. The restaurant also offers a large amount of indoor and outdoor seating, so is an ideal stop when the park is very busy.

The Burger Kitchen is part of Merlin's in house chain of burger joints and took over the premises previously run Burger King and McDonald's before that. The Burger Kitchen opened in 2013 but the unit itself has a long history as a restaurant, having originally opened way back in the 1960s as The Talbot Cafeteria and was once the largest fast food restaurant in the UK.

Originally part of Cloud Cuckoo Land, the restaurant became part of The Towers complex and received a makeover in 2019 when The Alton Towers Dungeon opened next door.In 2020 The Burger Kitchen became home to one of the Refresh & Refill self-service kiosks.

Attraction Stats

16th March 2013
23 March, 2019
Indoor and Outdoor
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