The Welcoming: Be Chosen

As the Autumn nights draw in a mysterious group gathers to celebrate Halloween. Outsiders are more than welcome, indeed maybe they are integral to the ritual...

The Welcoming: Be Chosen

The Welcoming - the village from above

Venture into the Mutiny Bay Courtyard this Halloween and you'll find yourself drawn into the mysterious celebrations of a group who have shunned technology and revere the natural world of the woods surrounding the resort.

The group may be averse to those they consider to abuse the natural world but they are more than willing to welcome outsiders into their midst as they gather to celebrate. But what part will you and the other Outsiders play in a ritual where the living world crosses over with the dead?

Attraction History

The Welcoming under construction - the Mutiny Bay stage is converted

The Welcoming was a brand new maze for 2017. It is located in the Courtyard at the heart of Mutiny Bay and has taken over the space once used for the BBQ and Pirates of Mutiny Bay show, which have been shuttered since 2014. 

The maze takes in various of the features of the attractions it has replaced, including the two existing canopy structures as well as the old Pirate Show stage, which has recieved significant modifications to become one of the maze's most memorable set pieces.

Attraction Stats

7th October 2017
2nd November 2018