Towers Street Carnival

Carnival Parade and Henry Hound

In 2004 the park introduced a novel new way to say goodbye to guests. At the end of each day the park's Magic Makers would descend on Towers Street to round off your day in the park, with a combination of song, dance, games and the chance to grab a photo with your favourite characters.

The carnival was sponsored by Peugeot and began with a procession down Towers Street, where their cars served as floats with costumed characters aboard. During the carnival's first year The Tweenies were the stars of the show, but after Henry Hound returned to the park in 2005 he too joined in on the action. Special guests were also not uncommon, with Scooby Doo making an appearance during 2005 as well as a one-week engagement with the nuns from The Sound of Music.

The Magic Makers were joined by the casts from the venues around the park, as well as costume characters from different areas, such as explorers from Katanga Canyon and the UG Maintenance crew. Depending on the time of year, you might also experience a themed version of the carnival, which was transformed into the Nightmare on Towers Street Carnival for Halloween.

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