1001 Nights

1001 Nights

Soaring high over Festival Park, 1001 Nights took guests to a whole new world on a magic carpet ride and allowed them to see the Towers from a new, fantastic point of view. Soaring 26 metres into the air, through the tree-tops, the ride was particularly thrilling as it allowed unparalleled views across the whole theme park and surrounding countryside.

1001 Nights (or 1001 Nacht, as the theming on the German-made ride referred to it) was located in Festival Park, in the area where Th13teen's queue-line winds behind its photobooth today. The ride arrived at the park midway through the 1984 season, no doubt inspired by the popularity of the more conventional Magic Carpet, which had been installed earlier in the same season. But, 1001 Nights soon outshone the smaller Magic Carpet, which was removed from the park at the end of 1985.

Combining heady thrills with breathtaking views, the ride was a perennial favourite with the public throughout its time at the park, and often featured in the park's marketing campaigns, right through to its final season, due to the dramatic images of the ride swooping out over the treeline of Festival Park.

1001 Nights

Unfortunately for 1001 Nights and guests alike, the very feature that made the ride popular was to prove also to be its downfall, as the ride eventually became a victim of the ever-increasing height restrictions placed on the park. This combined with the difficulties posed by the ride's theming when it came to structural inspections made the attraction an obvious sacrifice for the park to make in order to pave the way for future height-sensitive projects such as Oblivion.

1001 Nights closed at the end of the 1994 season, to be replaced by the Energizer the following year.

Attraction Facts

1001 Nacht
Track Height


- 1984 -
Opened in Festival Park
- 1994 -
Closed after 11 seasons