Gallopers Carousel

Climb aboard a vibrantly coloured horse or recline in a carriage as you ride this traditional carousel with a less than traditional appearance...

Gallopers Carousel

No theme park would be complete without a carousel and at Alton Towers The Gallopers fit the bill for circular horse-based entertainment.

But nothing is quite as it seems in Cloud Cuckoo Land and here the tradition is turned on its head as the horses have had a bright metalic makeover.

Attraction History

The carousel arrived at Alton Towers in 1991 and was located in the plaza outside Doom and Sons in Talbot Street (the area now home to the great glass elevators of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

In 1993, when Talbot Street became The Land of Make Believe, the ride was moved into a more central location and was renamed Gallopers Carousel. This would not be the last time the ride moved however and in 1997 The Gallopers relocated to Adventure Land, along with the Beastie.

Gallopers Carousel - Scarefest 2012

The ride lived here until 2004 when, in order to make way for Spinball Whizzer, it moved back to Cred Street, to near enough the same location it had been in the Land of Make Believe. And the ride's travel did not end there when it briefly relocated to the hotels as part of Alton Towers' Christmas event in 2008, allowing Hotel guests to ride it along with some other attractions.

The Gallopers retained a traditional style until 2009 when it picked up its current vibrant colour scheme when Cred Street became Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Attraction Facts

28th March 2009
Ride Length
2:00 (approx)
Max Speed
3.5 revs per min
450 riders per hour
Ride Capacity
36 riders

Attraction Extras

No standard Fastrack available
Not open for Early Ride Time
No souvenir photo available

Attraction Restrictions

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Minimum Height
Unaccompanied Height
Maximum Height


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