In The Night Garden Magical Boat Ride

When you're safe and snug and drifting off to sleep, you can step aboard a little boat heading out to sea. Take the little sail down, light the little light. This is the way to the Garden of the night...

Ride Experience

In The Night Garden Magical Boat Ride

To visit Igglepiggle and his friends,
towards the Night Garden, you must wend.
Your enchanted boat is about to set sail
to magical adventure full wonderful tales.

As your boat passes in to the garden of night,
an arch of flowers will create quite a sight.
Oh no! The Ninky Nonk is out on the loose.
See if you can catch it, before it goes vamoose!

And what is that floating out of a bush?
It's the Pinky Ponk, though it seems in a rush.
Not to worry though if it's flown far away,
because next the Tombliboos are here to play.

Beyond their house you soon must move,
because next you're off to see the Hahoos.
And who's that singing up in the tree?
It's the Tittifers, tittering as tuneful as can be.

In The Night Garden Magical Boat Ride

Around the next bend you'll want to wave
as you see Macca Pacca come out of his cave.
Then to the Daisy Patch with a comfortable bed,
where Upsy Daisy will soon lay her head.

Ten little Pontipines live at the foot of a tree,
their house is the next place you will see.
But now the ride is almost at an end,
we still haven't see our very good friend...

In the final scene we meet Igglepiggle,
so it must be time for a dance and a giggle.
Everyone has gathered around the gazebo,
and they wave goodbye as off you go.

Attraction History

In The Night Garden Magical Boat Ride started life as the Canal Boat Ride back in 1989 in the Britannia Building Society Farm, where it remained for 10 years, also seeing the area transform into the Safeway Farm in 1992.

In 1999 the attraction underwent its first retheme to become Riverbank Eye Spy as part of Old MacDonald's magical farmyard. The ride took passengers on a leisurely trip around a number of 2D sets featuring a whole host of farmyard animals, with the on ride audio asking them to identify the animals as they passed by pressing a button. This button then played the matching sound, enhancing the interactive feel of the ride.

For the 2007 season the ageing and crude 2D theming was all replaced with new 3D equivalents, which would remain with the attraction until the end of the 2013 season. Then, with Iggle Piggle and his In The Night Garden friends arriving as part of the areas refurbishment into Cbeebies Land, the ride was relaunched as The Magical Boat Ride in May 2014.

Attraction Stats

24th May 2014
Ride Length
3:00 (approx)
Persons per Car
9 per boat


24th May 2014
Opened in CBeebies Land

Attraction Extras

No standard Fastrack available
No souvenir photo available

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Minimum Height

Unaccompanied Height

Attraction Facts

MACK Rides GmbH
Free Flow Boat Ride
24th May 2014

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