Peter Rabbit Hippity Hop

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23rd March 2019
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23rd March 2019
Opened in CBeebies Land

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Peter Rabbit Hippity Hop Promo

Alton Towers have submitted a planning application to install a pair of Junior Drop Towers in CBeebies Land, located between Tree Fu Tom Training Academy and Mr. Bloom's allotment, taking space from Mr. Bloom's queue line and the buggy park.

If the new drop towers are given planning permission this would likely mean that the Frog Hopper has had its final season in the park. The new drop towers will be similar in design to the older ride, which was added to the pack in 1999, but each tower will have an extra seat, accommodating up to 14 guests per ride.

The towers originally opened in 2014 operating as Hip & Hop at Abenteuer Park Oberhausen, another Merlin attraction attached to a Sealife Centre in Germany. During construction the attraction was known as “Project Hip Hop”, until it was announced as Peter Rabbit Hippity Hop in March 2019.

The plans also include a new queue line for Mr. Blooms Allotment, removal of the buggy park and installation of a shed for the operator's cabin.

Attraction Facts

S&S Power
Frog Hoppers
23rd March 2019


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